Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh boy

Chrisman did mean the entire 200 million would be depleted:

Recovery oversight contract allowed overbilling, poor performance, inspector general says

Quatrevaux, for instance, confirmed Chrisman's concerns about the state loan fund. The inspector general said agreement governing how the roughly $200 million can be spent initially limited use of the loan fund to projects that qualified for federal reimbursement. However, it was changed around the time City Hall was negotiating the MWH contract to allow city officials to tap the fund to pay for management fees that may not be covered by FEMA, allowing the fund "to be permanently depleted" Quatrevaux said.

Of about $115 million paid out of the fund through January, MWH received about $22 million, the report states, adding that the possibility of recouping that money from FEMA has been "jeopardized ... by prohibited compensation terms in the contract."

Fucking eh...115 million paid out...excuse me while I go rip what's left of the hair out of my head. What did we spend 115 million on? Please show me a goddamn line item expenditure sheet. Is that too much for a citizen to ask?

Chrisman cited as "perhaps the best example" fees that MWH has charged the city for its oversight of repairs to the Municipal Auditorium. Chrisman wrote that MWH has billed the city more than $5.2 million for the project -- 6.5 percent of its projected $80 million value -- even though the Nagin administration late last year, in a controversial move, hand-picked a developer to convert the structure into a mixed-use facility.

No actual repairs have been done yet.

BUT....BUT.....Has an 80 million dollar check been cut to the developer? Remember the approx. 35 million dollar tally I just made? Well if you bring the MWH total up to 22 million, that brings the total to about 52 million. I'm betting the remainder was written to Juneau for the Municipal Auditorium development.

Jesus @#!* ing Christ on a frucking crutch.

If he paid that money out....I hope Nagin and Juneau's houses catch on fire and the NOFD refuses to go put the goddamn fires out. We've got fire stations that have had to beg and borrow to rebuild and this dickwad may have just cut his punk ass buddy an 80 million dollar check with money that was supposed to be used for recovery efforts. Recovery don' t know...rebuilding our fucking fire departments!

If he cut that check, I swear to Buddha I'm gonna go hang Juneau upside down out of his penthouse window in the Ritz Carlton until he agrees to return every fucking cent.

Somebody, please tell me he didn't already pay Juneau. Anyone...please? Just tell me I'm getting myself all worked up over nothing.

UPDATE: Someone did tell me I was getting myself all worked up over nothing....thank god.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Oh boy":

No contract was ever signed to manage the Auditorium. The final verson and the destinct possiilty that i would be cancelled killed the deal. What Chrismn as referring to was that the City was going to pay Juneau 5% to manage the wrk while MWH was trying to charge the City 6.5% not to. Evidenty thre wa a big fight because Boyd wanted to pay MWH for pojects that the City or others were managing- Boyd won


Clay said...

One thing about Stewart Juneau: he once killed a cop and got away with it.

As far as I can tell, the trial never happened (or it was pled down to Josh Gimelstob-levels).

If one of us ran over a cop, we'd be in jail for at least a decade, no matter the circumstances. He runs over a cop, and now he's at the trough filling his big fat face a few years later.

Ricardo said...

Every day that goes by without an indictment ccnjures up greater paranoia of a conspiracy to proctect the cue ball.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sick after reading this--physically sick. I cannot wrap my head around the greed and arrogance. I can hear Nagin telling people they're getting in the way of recovery when he is called out on his crap like NOAH, etc (the list is too long).

To anyone reading AZ that has information on Nagin's thievery, please come forward. No doubt there are people that have not profited personally, but have seen something that can tie the pieces together.

Anonymous said...

No contract was ever signed to manage the Auditorium. The final verson and the destinct possiilty that i would be cancelled killed the deal. What Chrismn as referring to was that the City was going to pay Juneau 5% to manage the wrk while MWH was trying to charge the City 6.5% not to. Evidenty thre wa a big fight because Boyd wanted to pay MWH for pojects that the City or others were managing- Boyd won

Anonymous said...

Juneau has not been paid any money from the revolver.

Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking.

Unknown said...

the silence on this issue is defeaning. i think everyone is in shock

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is... who agreed to allow the City to use the revolver fund for non-reimbursable projects? Did the State agree to this use of the revolver fund? Did the City Council agree to this?

What I find odd is there was no mentioning or out cry when the rules governing the use of the revolver was changed. Did the City act alone?

Anonymous said...

A little off-topic, but in the vein of Nagin buddies, is this the property that his good friend Burgos bought years ago?

It still bothers me that a woman was found murdered in a stairwell, but Riley claimed it was a suicide. Luckily she had family and friends that kept the pressure on investigating the case.

Sounds like it has been inhabited by vagrants for quite a while. So what if he was asking $20 million, it obviously wasn't worth it because it never sold.

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Anonymous said...

Blow the whistle. Please, do it.

Anonymous said...

Anon, when Nagin talks about someone "hurting the recovery", he does not mean the recovery of the City of New Orleans or her people.

He means that that person asking questions is threatening HIS recovery, the restoration of the sense of wellbeing, power, and self-worth (maybe also his sense that he is safe in the world) that he had before the storm and flood.

When he says, "You're hurting the recovery", he means "You're making me feel threatened, scared, or bad about how I have behaved."

In Naginland, making him (or one of his minions) feel scared makes you a "terrorist".

As for killing a cop and getting away with it...that's scary. You don't want to be friends or business partners with someone like that. You want to cross the street and start walking in the other direction.

Anonymous said...

There are other sources of funding for recovery such as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. FEMA funds are to be used solely for bringing infrastructure that was damaged by the storm back to it's original functionality, that includes making sure that all buildings meet existing codes.

Each FEMA project has what is called a Project Worksheet (PW). The PW is a summary of damages as assessed by FEMA and provides a cost estimate based on this assessment. So for all of the 600 projects identified within the City each has a PW. The PW cost provides money for construction, design, and construction management. The program management function provided by MWH is funded by a separate stand alone PW that is not related to any of the 600 project PW's.

There is also other money available that is being used by the Public Works Department such as the Submerged Roads Program for repair of streets. This is funded by the US Department of Transportation.

The funding process for recovery is very complicated and has many various tasks and funding sources. The IG in my opinion is unable to understand just how the process works and has made a lot of mistakes in their assessment of the situation. The TP is just clueless. I would ask everyone to reserve judgment until all of the facts have been heard.

I am not trying to defend anyone, just want to get the whole story before I run off to join the mob calling for various peoples heads.

Jason Brad Berry said...

We've discussed the D-CDBG funds.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is being reported that Juneau has backed out of the deal. Bernardo was set to make some real cash on that deal, too.