Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Zombie Day

Osiris, Dionysus, Lazarus, Dambala, J.C......we are risen.

I give you the secret zombie formula:


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Man, are you shoveling Guano'dine or what? That is the formula for Fight Club Explosive Soap Bars.
But speaking of zombies (wit'a little z), I have a question about James Perry: sooo, he can now use all that money he picked up in the mayoral Non-Run, particularly after Jacobs dropped out, on this contest for the 93rd District?
I had wondered about this race (or whatever), and the obvious way Perry was angling for exposure and campaign funding --but Not Actually Committing Any of That Dough to the D'OH, Ya'Know?
I consider his mayoral pace an exhibition game he had no intention or pragmatic expectation of winning.
But my question is can he now use this chunk of change he picked up at the end of the Mayor's Race for This Race?

Oh and Happy Zombie Day to you all too!
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated today, April 4th, 1968.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- : sooo, he can now use all that money he picked up in the mayoral Non-Run

Ha! Not. He didn't have any money left over from the mayoral run.

But the answer is yes...if he had money left over he could have used it.

Why can't MLK come back? Better yet, why can't Andrew Jackson come do we need him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Zombie. Happy Zombie Day to you, too...not happy about MLK, though. That still sucks decades later.

I celebrated Easter with the usual Easter-i-ness, but also by putting on "Shaun of the Dead" and doing my taxes.

I think I'll make zombie movies my regular tax time thing. Something about the combination was perfect.

Thought you might appreciate that.