Monday, May 24, 2010

Fourchon vid

Here is some footage Humid Being, Steve Wolfram, and I shot in Port Fourchon on Friday as the oil encroached into the delicate marsh behind the beaches and barrier islands. The National Guard was frantically running sand out to the beaches to plug "passes" which would allow the oil to get into the marsh. Turns out they were successful, and managed to plug the passes by the end of the day. I can tell you their work pace was frenetic...there may not have been enough troops on the ground but the ones I saw were possessed men. Heretis:

Horizon File: First Wave of Oil Hits Port Fourchon

We are compiling video for a larger project but we will continually put up the b-roll as we get it.

And for the record, we've both stayed completely sober on these trips, unless you count the celebrex, :)


Beth said...


We keep hearing that dredging will take too long, won't be effective. Is what you saw evidence to the contrary?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I honestly can't give you an educated answer. I think at this point it's about falling back and circling the wagons...that is the best analysis I can give. The enemy is overwhelming, and I think all we can do is fall back, dig trenches, and hope we live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

i believe i heard someone on the radio today state that most of the coastal area is owned by a land trust which is subsidiary to conoco/philips oil co. hmmmmm.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Thanks Dambala.
You killed me with the dolphins.
I'm stuck on pelicans right now, my favorite bird.
The humvees struck me too, as I feel we will be seeing more of them, now offense on our troops pulling to with the heavy lifting. Jus'sayin, we've seen this before but there is nothing to compare it to now.
Your work is a Fulcrum for how we face this black death, whether we remain at the edge of the chaos, with our future at our backs and stasis far behind, or become engulfed by it. I am encouraged.
Have been moving around the nation today trying to get a scent of whether they're getting this. Nah, not quite. I mean, really. But they will when the 1st Fat Lady Sings It up into the mainland. Katrina rocked all the way to Virginia. No escape, but that doesn't matter here now. It will later.
There will be a later Sinn Féin

that is your word thiny for this comment.
ain't often you catch Editilla speechless but I can't handle that one. I can say that AZ is getting the more coherent more often than most I've seen. Jus'sayin... they're close, Mon.