Saturday, May 01, 2010

I love John Besh

Black Death: Will Fisheries Survive the Oil Spill?


ERIC said...

When I was in the Coast Guard I was part of a haz-mat & oil pollution response team so I know a little about handeling these typs of situations. So far I have contacted the CO of the 8th Coast Guard and BP with a plan that will not solve the problem but will help in reducing the effects this will have on the marsh. My plan is load C-130 with oil absorbent pads and drop them on the oil slicks. These pads only absorbe oil and wont sink no matter how much oil they absorbe they will float and keep the oil traped in them.

We then use the shrimpers with their skimmers to just ride a round and pick them up.

This is alot cheaper and easier than setting out booms that aint worth a shit out in the open ocean and dissparents can mor harm than the oil.

Folks when the oil hits the marsh it's over with. If the oil soaked pads hit the marsh its just a matter of using a stick with a nail in it and plastic bag to pick it up.

I doubt that these people will take my advise because its to easy and cost effective

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

No they will not survive.
Especially as long as people call this event a "Sill".
It is not a Spill according to every Spill Worker I have heard quoted.
It is a Flow, a River of Oil that Will Not Stop for at least 2 weeks possibly 30 days @ well over the 210,000 gallon/day guesstimate the feds are pouting.
And if it gets into Southwest Louisiana those days are Well and Truly Over for this state. Gone for the next 20 years.
It is a Flow of Oil as we speak.

Anonymous said...

@Eric - they probaly won't take your advice, either.