Friday, May 28, 2010

Lost as an Easter Egg

Does anyone have any idea where we are? Top Kill? Junk Shot? Tai Bo? I feel like I just fell in a K hole.

Here's where we were last week:

I think this is the next plan:

Look, I think I've figured this whole thing out.  We have an impossible mess to clean up right?  So I asked myself, "Who do I know that can cleap up an impossible mess?"  A light bulb went off...there's only one man alive who can do this job...can you guess who it is?


Murdered Gulf said...

Put Ignatius J Reilly in charge IMMEDIATELY.

He will take forceful steps to resolve the defective geometry and theology of the situation... and who is a better authority on sealing valves???

Ricardo said...

BP is apparently attempting the Junk Shot to try and obstruct the flow in the BOP/riser. They will then commence again to pump drilling mud down the casing to attempt to overcome the presure coming out of the resevoir.

I calculate that in order to fill a 21" casing from the BOP (sea floor) to the resevoir 25,000 feet below it will take approx. 60,000 cubic feet of high density mud (450,000 gallons / 10,500 barrels) -check me Clay and Maitri, to fill the pipe without any riser escape.

I have heard speculation that they ran out of mud on the first try. I would have thought that they would have attempted the Junk Shot at the end of that run (as they were running out) to take advantage of the wieght in the DP-down pipe and clot the expected backflow in the BOP and cripmed riser.
During an interview yesterday Tad the sock puppet Allen claimed that they were within 250 psi of equilibrium. Sounds close but that translates to 86,500 # in a 21" pipe.
What I do know is that our collective ANULAR hurts.

Anonymous said...


Where did he go anyway? There's yer problerm right there, mister.

Civitch said...

Our noble hero will summon fickle Fortuna to be on our side.

Jason Brad Berry said...

no it's not Ignatius...try again.


wolf from pulp fiction?

gotta admit it does look loke ignatus.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Mojofearless said...

Sidney Torres? Making the French Quarter smell lemony fresh seemed impossible before he came along, so maybe he's our guy.

Mojofearless said...

And do I win I prize if I guess right? What do I win? A dead turtle? Oh boy! A dead oily turtle! Woohoo!