Friday, May 07, 2010

Ok, so let's do some math

One astute commenter pointed out that Frank Fradella's lawyer in the interview with Lee Zurik was none other than Greg Meffert's laywer, Randy Smith. I immediately noticed it, but why is that? So far the only criminal charges Frank Fradella has faced in regards to HSOA were filed in the state of Texas by the SEC. Why would he retain a New Orleans' attorney the likes of Mr. Smith?

Well....let's take a look at some things which are rapidly evolving's the first:

Nagin charged by state ethics board

The Netmethods story is nothing new, but this is the first time the Stone Age issue with Home Depot has been brought up by a regulatory body. I have also speculated numerous times that there was a connection between Nagin's Stone Age marble and granite countertop company and the interesting fact one of HSOA's subsidiary companies was Cornerstone Marble and Granite from Texas.

Now hang with me....and note this:

Letten files superseding indictment against Greg and Linda Meffert

What's important about this is the timing. Monday, Nagin left office. By Friday of the same week, these two stories have surfaced...and we now know Fradella has enlisted Randy Smith's aid.

Here's what I think is happening....Nagin is going down. I think Fradella may have information on Nagin and he's spewing like the Macondo to save his own ass.

Meffert may be cooperating as well, but the fact that he's getting his house seized may indicate he's ready to throw the anchor chain around Linda's neck and let it all go to hell.

Regardless....within one week of Nagin's departure, we're seeing a lot of action. I think the writing is on the wall.


The Atomic Neophyte said...

looks like you are going to be right... we will see what the blow back will be...

good stuff AZ

Anonymous said...

Ellis's wife worked for these HSOA businesses, even perhaps sometimes being their interface with the city. Ellis worked for Aaron Bennett while working for the city.

It seems TOTALLY fucked up that a man neck deep in this same pile of shit (Ellis) is ACTING for Meffert in any capacity at all.

How could you trust the advice your lawyer was giving you if you knew that he might have his own ass to cover for things related to the things he was advising you about?

Even the appearance of conflict of interest, or the potential for it, makes that choice of Attorney unwise.

Weren't Ellis and Randy Smith dealing with each other as part of that Southern Electronics case, too?

Is anyone else thinking this is all very strange?

If, as you speculate, Fradella is talking, and Meffert is not talking...

but Randy Smith is representing them BOTH (With what hope of payment?), and Bob Ellis AND his wife Daya Naef are linked up to this steaming hot mess in a legion of different ways, too...

Shouldn't we be calling Jerry Springer and ordering some paternity tests?

Aaron Bennett and Bob Ellis are two extremely clear links between Meffert and Fradella. (Nagin himself is another one, but that is so obvious it goes without saying.)

Aaron Bennett is off stage for now, but Ellis is allowed to act as a lawyer in these matters, rather than as a suspect (or spouse of suspect)?

I'm not saying he is guilty, but damn, everyone who has read this blog or the paper has reason to be suspicious as Hell.

Anonymous said...

On the bottom of the last post, someone mentioned BW Development LLC.

Both Aaron Bennett and Benetech are listed as officers of the company, and the third Officer is United Property Development from New Jersey.

Two commenters here mentioned the 2000 Tulane St. property development that connects to the hospitals.

Which City Attorneys were involved in developing or fronting for Nagin's hospital footprint policy, and do they stand to gain personally from this?

If a Benetech connected City Attorney had anything to do with hospital policy, I'd say that is pretty shady.

If Aaron Bennett, Benetech, HSOA, Home Solutions of Louisiana, Associated Contractors or their new identity as Picke Construction, or any member of this gang, is also involved in the hospital crap, that is messed up.

Anonymous said...

Last year's House Bill 889 contained this addition:

"...Three percent of the monies in the fund shall be used solely by the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors to provide funding for the Greater New Orleans Biosciences Economic Development District..."