Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ok the word is top kill worked...thank Buddha!

I'm I-10 outside of Houston celebrating...blogging and driving...and swerving. So I should stop before I pull a Moreno or Perry.


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Top Kill Success Reports by fey traitor BPPR Cmdr Thad 'all hands on my deck' Allen CONTRADICTED
~Coast Guard Lt. Commander Tony Russell said Thursday reports that fey Admiral Thad BPPR Allen, who is overseeing the operation, had called the procedure a success were incorrect.
He said Allen said that the flow of mud was stopping some of the oil and gas but had a ways to go before it proved successful.
~LA TIMES~ Reporting from Houma, La. —Engineers have stopped the flow of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico from a gushing BP well, the federal government's top oil-spill commander, U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, said Thursday morning.
~WWL First News~"They've stopped the hydrocarbons from coming up," said National Incident Commander Thad Allen. (Listen too)(Does Thad work for BP yet or what?)

Leigh C. said...

Good Lord, man! Don't ensure your demise near the Houston city limits. If you're gonna go, go in Orleans Parish someplace.

I can't trust a damn thing at this point...but if it HAS indeed worked, I'm gonna party by supporting some more bird cleanup.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

This is bullshit and we need to shuffle Obama on outta there and institute a more perfect union.
This is Absolute mfkn Bull Shit!
We don't hope for a Silver Lining to this Butt Cloud.
We don't have the Luxury of Time with Disaster Capitalism for everyone to line up into a Democrat Progressive Gravy Train.
We don't have the luxury of 2nd guessing Progressive Ideals here.
We heard about such time at Nuremberg, we took our time while millions perished.
We don't have that Luxury Now!
We Are Perishing NOW!!!!
We can't read about this in the history books.
This isn't a Rising Tide blogger club wish list. I've seen this play played.
Sinn Féin!

VinceMacPaul said...

Good Lord, man 2. You can only pull that crap in N.O. and get away with it like Moreno and Perry. They'll lock you up any other place in America. Have a great shit faced Memorial Day weekend my friend and try to make it back home. Keep our past and present troops in mind everyone.

VinceMacPaul said...

Man, Editilla, that was absolutely bowel moving. I agree 100% with what you said. I'm still a little woozy. Please give us a leg up on what chemicals you're on and up the dosage. I'm serious as my next heart attack.

New Orleans Ladder said...

VinceMacPaul, Screw Moreno and Perry. I'm over it. Small Change Got Rained On With His Own 38.
America doesn't have a rat's ass clue of what makes Louisiana hence what we are losing Every Goddamned MINUTE.
They Have No Clue!
We are literally Sinn Féin.
They will let us Die with No Forking Clue about what they've lost.
No. You don't play nice here.
You don't Bow Now.
Either we are United States or we are National Socialists.
Which is it? Ask the Vichies!
Do we Bow to Corporations because T. Boone Pickens says so?
Do we Bend Over because Obama is sucking Big Daddy George Bush's 1000 Points of Cock? What?
We don't have time to Make Nice.
We simply do not have the luxury of Political Discourse.
Make Nice And Die!
Going Down isn't nearly what it's cracked up to be as long as you don't choke on your master's cock?
We are so screwed what does it matter? The Coast Guard Mary Landry is still getting face time on NPR. The same Coast Guard perps are in operation. Our President has basically sold us to BP.
I've watched his press conference 5 times today already. We are Gone. Louisiana is GONE!
We are the gimp, the sacrifice to save BP. This is Heinous!
They had already gassed 6 Million Jews before the world even heard about it. Now they intend to kill our entire Louisiana Culture and No One will hear the trees fall.
Fuck that! They will at least hear the Trees mfkn Fall from me!
Somebody's going to know what has been lost at the hands of Corporate Avarice and Greed.
This is ridiculous. I cannot believe we are having such a conversation. It will be one for the history books: "They did it because we let them!"
That will be our Epitaph.
Call me whatever you want but goddamn stand up for Louisiana!

Anonymous said...

disaster porn...with out the post-orgasmic chill out.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

So what does that make you, anon, John Holmes' Little Brother?