Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I must be psychic

...or psychotic.

James Cameron Working on Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

I was joking when I put Cameron in that pic....turns out he may have answers after all.

And meanwhile poor Tony's lifestyle is being cramped by this little snafu he caused in our pond:

So sorry if we interfered with your afternoon tea, Mr. Hayward.  You just go back to your foxhunt and we'll clean up your mess.

If I catch that motherfucker I'm gonna drown him in his own oil.  I'm ready for the true second battle of New Orleans...we beat the Brit's ass once we can do it again.  I wish Andrew Jackson was alive today and president of the country, I suspect things would be handled quite differently.


Anonymous said...

Thank the Snakehead Gods that SOMEONE finally focused on that narcissistic prick's "I want my life back" quote. I heard it yesterday and was gobsmacked, even more so that no one jumped on it (until now). Good job.

Murdered Gulf said...

It's enough to make ya trample the Union Jack!