Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knowing the Truth Timely

I have a real fascination with communist propaganda.  That doesn't mean I am a communist, I just love the artwork, diatribes, and symbolism.

Kim Jong-Il is a master.  I have this series of Rockwellesque paintings I pulled off the web where he is depicted in different settings around the country doing everything from showing chemists how to mix, to showing schoolboys how to shoot guns....here's an example.  He has a whole county bluffed into believing he's a super hero.  The head coach of the NK men's soccer team recently stated that Jong-Il had personally developed "invisible cell phones".  Awesome...fuckin' eh.  Can you imagine telling a country of 24 million people whatever you want and they all believe it?  I'm actually amazed that Jong-Il has maintained his grasp on reality as well as he has for this long.

I just found this recent dispcatch from Comrade Fidel.


He bizarrely suggests that the World Cup is dictating the timeline for Obama's decision to launch WWIII, by blockading and searching merchant ships headed for Iran.  Then he finishes the diatribe with this sentiment:

"We don’t know which will be the effect on the environment of the nuclear weapons that will unavoidably explode in various parts of the world, and that in the least serious variant will happen in abundance.  

As for me, to advance a hypothesis would be pure science fiction."

That's good stuff.  He advanced a theory that the World Cup is somehow dictating Obama's decision to launch a nuclear war that would wipe out the developed world, but he refrains from speculating on the horror of how a nuclear fallout of that war would affect the environment...the thought is just too harrowing for him.

I think if Fidel was an American he would be a commentator on Mad Money with Jim Cramer...or better yet he would have his own show.

You have to understand that Fidel has been spewing insane rants for the past 50 years.  The Cuban culture has been inundated with his neurosis on a daily basis for that entire period, without having the option to "turn it off".  Imagine being forced to listen to Glen Beck every day of your life, by penalty of death or imprisonment.....that's what Cubans have endured for decades.  Although I'm being a little tough on Castro by comparing him to Beck.

When I was in Cuba in 2001, we visited a Cuban artist, whose star was rising, in his apartment in Old Havana.  He had a small black and white TV with rabbit ear antennae wrapped in tin foil in his living room (also his bedroom).  He had one channel, the "state" channel which pretty much consisted solely of Fidel's rants packaged in different ways...talk shows, speeches, analysts, news, etc.

While everyone else was looking at his artwork, I was fascinated with his TV.  The guy had curiously drilled a bright, yellow piece of thick, hard, plastic over the screen of the TV.

The show that was airing was a round table discussion with Fidel as a guest.  I couldn't take my eyes off it.

He noticed my fascination with it, and asked me, in broken English, if I liked it.  I smiled, shook my head and said, "Si, it's like a filter..filtrarse."  He smiled back and replied, "It's the only way I can stand to watch it."  We smiled at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

My mind was trying to find some functional purpose to the yellow filter.  In truth timely, it was an expression of rebellion...and a very crafty one at that.

Lately, I've been thinking about drilling a yellow, plastic filter on my TV.

Just felt like sharing that moment.


oyster said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing the moment.

Anonymous said...

don't know if relevant... but

X-Box game about the Oil Spill


Anonymous said...

I need a yellow filter, too. Fantastic post.