Thursday, June 10, 2010

On our slow road to Hell

...this is one of the most ominous signposts we've seen yet:

P&J Oyster Co. to halt shucking due to Gulf oil spill

"I'm going to try and buy a few shucked oysters from some people in Alabama that are still processing oysters and once they stop, I'm done," said Al Sunseri, who along with his brother Sal has run the business that opened in 1876.

Sunseri isn't sure what will happen to P&J and its employees in the long haul. Other Louisiana oyster companies say their oyster supplies are also dwindling, prices are rising and the future of their business remains stark and uncertain.

Those words pierce my heart.

Yesterday, I had the misfortune of watching asswipe, Neil Cavuto, interview, no yell at,  U.S. Rep, Peter Welch (VT.)

Cavuto and Fox are worried about BP's future.  Cavuto and Fox are worried about how it will affect middle American's 401k plans.  Cavuto and Fox are worried about BP's dividends.  Cavuto and Fox are worried that we may offend BP and they will turn tail and dump the problem on American taxpayers.

Those words make me want to pierce Cavuto's head.

I'm not sure who's stumping for BP harder....Fox, Sen. Vitter, or Sen. Landrieu. 


Anonymous said...

OMG, what was wrong with Cavuto's voice? Was he choking on all the cum from sucking BP's corporate dick? What do expect from Fox news... Joseph Goebbels would have been proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anon, I spat coffee on my computer screen reading your post!