Monday, September 13, 2010

Buried in the Outdoor section..

...because it no longer affects all of us?  It's just a sportsmen's issue now?

New wave of oil comes ashore west of Mississippi River

Hell, why don't they just add an oil forecast to the fisherman's report and see if BP will sponsor it.    

I thought it was all gone?  What happened to the super-duper bacteria that were magically multiplying and eating it all up?

Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor

"I've collected literally hundreds of sediment cores from the Gulf of Mexico, including around this area. And I've never seen anything like this," she said in an interview via satellite phone from the boat.

But that doesn't warrant any local media attention, does it?

"The organisms that break down oil excrete mucus — copious amounts of mucus," Joye says. "So it's kind of like a slime highway from the surface to the bottom. Because eventually the slime gets heavy and it sinks."

The Gulf of snot?  I can hear BP's response, "No big deal, fish are slimy anyway."

What an appropriate metaphor, they are slithering away and leaving us with an ocean of slime.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to cover this. I've been shocked, but not shocked, to see this story disappear.

One of the things that surprises me in a hopeful way is that I'm still a little shocked that things were handled in the evil way they were...

I mean, I was raised in an era of evil propaganda, all the schools and the other institutions I was raised around are kind of evil (cough cough Catholic Church cough cough), the whole build environment is hard to get around for people using strollers or wheelchairs or walkers, bikes or their feet, right?

I mean, the whole built and designed environment entrenches really fucked up values. We are talking deep forms of propagandizing here, aren't we?

Our outlooks are shaped in ways we don't even notice.

From highway overpasses that won't let public busses under them so poor people can't get to public beaches, right down to those fucking kids toothbrushes with the LED lights inside them to teach kids to have an external locus of control.

(As if parents and their own good sense can't alert kids to when they have brushed enough, they need to be learning to obey bells and lights instead of their felt sense at age one or two!)

(My wife agrees in practice, she'd never buy those toothbrushes with the lights, but when I start talking about this, she puts a roll of tinfoil on the table and tells me to go nuts.)

All these forces are working against those of us who give a shit about the planet and that crazy little notion called "democracy", not to mention "freedom" or "justice".

But somehow we still know the difference between right and wrong. Somehow we still know when we are being fed shit.

Paranoid weirdeo that I am, I've got to see this as hopeful.

I've got to see it as some kind of miracle that so many of us who have never been "outside" this propaganda system can still call it as we see it.

I tolerate freaks and wierdos across the poltical spectrum, even the ones I think are loony tunes, because I appreiciate the capacity for resisting the media and school curricula pressures to conform to the opinions of the highest bidder.

Viva Zombie, is all I can really say right now.

Anonymous said...

Times Picayune reporting even more areas of oil. What's interesting is the reports now indicate that vessels traveling through some of the areas are stirring up the oil on the sea floor which is causing the oil to rise to the top. What kind of vessel would stir the oil up anyway? How about vessels known as SHRIMP BOATS!

Louisiana should halt all commercial crabbing, shrimping, and oyster harvesting for the next year.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Anon, this is a Phillip K Dick novel come alive. Through A Scanner Oily Radio Algernon.

Watching Feinberg try show balls before the people of Terrebone makes me shiver in existential angst.
We're so fucked, but for the Zombie, and we minions of survival instinct.

Anonymous said...

Zombie, I like to use the pro wrestling argument on things like these, it is all a work. Everything that we see is all part of the grand show. I believe you saw a great deal of that show during the initial BP BS. You went out, you saw the oil first hand and did you really believe it was all gone because the Feds said it was? I don’t because my memory like yours isn’t erased when I shut down each night. I love how our media (local and MSM) jumped on how they weren’t allowed to question and/or go near the cleanup sites or workers. I heard John Snell ranting about this new law that prevents him from doing his job. I saw someone on WDSU “trying” to talk to some workers and being stop by security. How many news reporters were arrested defending their 1st amendment rights? I have not heard of any, they just moved down the beach and reported what BP and the Gov’t told them to. What angers me the most is how the states east of us dumped fresh sand out and declared the disaster over and everyone just goes back to what they were doing. I would like to know if what I have seen is real or not but I don’t have time to drive to Florida and do it myself (road trip for the Zombie?). What I am talking about is on that website ATS that you posted awhile back. The latest chick’s video on Obama is interesting at about 5 minutes in. They talk with a guy that dug holes in the beach and showed a video of something seeping in that wasn’t just water, it separated into clear, yellow and dark brown. It was on the “internets” so I put it on the shelf for now. Lastly, you may a great point in your last post and I will say that I do agree with you. We must learn to kill our own snakes, but my ideas (.308) would only get me arrested. Maybe I took you a bit too literal but either way would be fine as long as they are gone!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with the .308 has it right--it's a wrastlin' smackdown show and we're the old, good-guy wrestler getting smacked repeatedly in the head with a folding chair. BP and the <0 admin. are the evil tag team of doom.

BP is a corporate criminal. It's crimes merit a corporate death penalty. All of its U.S. assets should be forfeit. Simple as that. Should have been done 3 months ago. Do that once and it'll be a long time before any other oil co. cuts the corners they did.

Anonymous said...

So the President is endorsing Cedric Richmond now. Did you see the article?

Jason Brad Berry said...

- What angers me the most is how the states east of us dumped fresh sand out and declared the disaster over and everyone just goes back to what they were doing. I would like to know if what I have seen is real or not but I don’t have time to drive to Florida and do it myself (road trip for the Zombie?).

They absolutely did that, it's called Land Farming, it's illegal and I did see it first hand at Ocean Springs.

Anonymous said...

"I'm still going to bust the chump's ass so he's exposedfor what he really is." -- I love you, man.

Romance, bromance, secret he's-so- cool 'schoolgirl' crush on someone you don't actually know, whatever you want to call it, I'm feeling it.

I don't even know what you know about Cedric Richmond, the stuff you wouldn't write about here yet, I mean. I just like your crime fighting style.

You're my kind of ninja.

Anonymous said...

Out of town, but is this fish kill a big story in town?

Also, is the cage match with Vitter?

Beth said...

The story is off the main media pages to keep tourists coming, and while they're here, to have some seafood. It's quite intentional.