Friday, October 29, 2010

Before we start this journey...

...into the art of the con-profit.  I'd like to pay homage to a fallen hero who once tried to slay this dragon.

In 2003, Senator Paulette Irons proposed LA Senate Bill 780:


It would have neutered the larger con-profits (any 501c3 who received a line item appropriation of 250k +).  Had it passed, 780 would have required these particular non-profits to have their financial information subject to public record.

What a splendidly, pregnant idea.

Unfortunately, the bill was aborted before it made it out of Senate Committee.

What cruel and heartless butcher would have killed such a beautiful, innocent, unborn bill?

Believe it or not...and I swear I'm not posting this per the election cycle....I've been told it was none other than Sen. Jay Dardenne.

Now why on earth would Mr. Dardenne have opposed such a bill?  A simple act which could have increased transparency in Louisiana government in orders of magnitude.

What on earth could this bill have exposed?  Hmmm.

Regardless, kudos to Mrs. Irons for her valiant effort.  She must make guys like Ike Spears sphincterifically nervous....perhaps.


frolic said...

So do you see this as a statewide problem? Or are these apparent abuses more rampant in New Orleans?

This is like a really blurry, out of focus photo that little by little is becoming clearer.

dsb nola said...

Once-upon-a-time Ms. Irons seemed like she might could win the mayor's office. Wasn't she a frontrunner for 15 mins or so?

Jason Brad Berry said...


It is probably nation wide, but we definitely have a larger problem will see why as I continue. It will come into focus.


funny you should say that, do you know who scuttled her shot at it?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Nice and subtle.

Do you think you may be able to collect rewards relative to the money you may save the city,state,feds under the whistle blower protection act. That would be a nice revenue stream for you.

Anonymous said...

"In 2002, using mostly his own money, Ray Nagin defeated Police Chief Richard Pennington, City Councilman Troy Carter and State Sen. Paulette Irons to become mayor."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

geaux tigers brah!

dsb nola said...

I remember Irons lost to Nagin. And I remember how that story about her brother played a big part in sinking her campaign:

Fighting back tears, state Sen. Paulette Irons last week ended years of public parsing and misleading statements in her own political biography. She admitted her deceased brother was a violent criminal who died after a shootout with police -- and not the innocent murder victim suggested in campaign material dating to her first race for the Louisiana Senate in 1994.

"I clearly apologize for the confusion," Irons said. "In all honesty, prior to this election, no one really knew. This happened 22 years ago."

Were you referring to Nagin, or was there someone else you had in mind?

Leigh C. said...

Shit on a stick. Jay Dardenne? Curiouser and curiouser. What the hell else is down the rabbit hole, pray tell?

My verification word, BTW, is "ratbuct".

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Were you referring to Nagin, or was there someone else you had in mind?


I was sending a message to someone...not Nagin. If the person read it, he understands.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Leigh, I'm not implying Dardenne is dabbling in N.O. politics. In case you didn't catch it...take a look at my "hmMm" again.

Dardenne was just protecting the purple and gold.

Clay said...

My bet on the main source of opposition: Tulane...

Anonymous said...

Search $5000 contributor "trust" Corp database
Charter is 36129391k

Etc etc...

Jason Brad Berry said...

Jay Dardenne's brother, John, is is in business with Frank Fradella?!?

Holy schnizzel wizzle.

What is CKB investments of Louisiana?

Anonymous said...

Please fill in a little bit more about this bank if you can, Anon.

As much as possible.