Monday, October 11, 2010

The LSED Grant Road Map

With rumors circulating that yet another city hall Indian chief is about to resign due to a non-profit scandal, I offer you the master grant list to the LSED grants which ran from 2000 to 2004.   

Keep in mind that many, if not most, of these non-profits are now defunct so researching these entities is more of an autopsy than a surgery.  But, I promise there is enough there to keep you busy for a while and the important thing is to examine the pattern of bogus non-profits and where the money funnels lead to.  While many of these 501c3's are extinct, new ones have popped up to take their place and the beat goes on...the beat goes on...

  LSEDGrantList Master                                                            


Anonymous said...

Barbara Major should have stepped down last week. Landrieu is becoming a dismal disappointment.

lil'oya said...

ujamma is actually ujaama

there's a post-k blakey connection if you're interested, but this is the non-profit 'community entity' used by the archdiocese to write the original hope iv grant application RIGHT AFTER katrina on the down-down-down-low to get the $ to demolish / "rebuild" lafitte/treme'.

they had the fat juicy partnership with enterprise foundation and you know what? i never saw anything happen with that in treme', other than they bought a bunch of properties and haven't fixed them up. maybe they're waiting on property values to go up when they finish their new projects that appear to concentrate housing even denser than before, with substandard construction...

funny, the sheer volume of financial flow to the catholic churches of new orleans. jeez.

word ver: aphemic.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- funny, the sheer volume of financial flow to the catholic churches of new orleans. jeez.

Oya, that's what struck me as well. Not to mention the Private Catholic schools who were getting large chunks of cash...that made me rather nauseated.


WOW...can't think of an adjective strong enough to convey my shock and dismay at names, amounts, and legislators, nor the mind-boggling total and the last few entries (last one=no amount)...and this was pre-K...imagine such a list since then.

Evil thoughts come to mind: were any grants NOT approved/awarded? Is there no oversight following this money? This list only encompasses our area...multiply this by all other legislators throughout the state.

Unfortunately I see a connection to the dire financial headlines of our state.

word veri: PHONI (no kidding!)

Superdeformed said...

I for a non-profit, one that actually carries out services mind you, and I've lost count of the audits that have been going on in the last year or so. Several times the amount I've seen going on when I first started working here.

Keep it up man, I think this blog and others like it have gotten the ball rolling.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I ain't talkin' bout Barbara Major....this Indian chief is much higher on the totem pole.

Anonymous said...

What is "Forever Our Children, inc"??

How can I set up a scam-o-rama non-profit and get my lege to push through a check?

It seems that all you need to do is ask.

Please advise, as I can uyse the extra cash...I mean, I am desiring to help others.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like the elected officials were trying to give away the house. Some gave away a piece of sheet rock but others tried to give way doors, walls, and windows.

Pratt surely loved Moses' charity. Richmond surely loved his own charities more so than legit charities that impacted the community.

anoymous-lady said...

Time for another contribution. I am about to get my money's worth....

Keep it up Dambala!!

Anonymous said...

Turducken Unfucken' Believable, Anon. I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

lil'oya, isn't ujaama affiliated with Tracey Washington somehow?

Anonymous said...

Why is "Friends of NORD" listed (at least) twice?

anoymous-lady said...

I googled Louisiana classics foundation, inc to learn what they do. The website has ablsolutely no link that works on it EXCEPT the one to make a donation.

Boissier was the sponsoring legislator to the tune of $117,000.
Anyone know what this group does/did???

anoymous-lady said...

Boissiere gave UJAMAA $325,000,
Irons gave them $25,000

Aren't they in Treme??? What did/do they do??? Others (Murray) donated to Treme cottages.

Morrell gave some group called Forever Our Children, Inc $405,738!
This group supposedly tutored...
I did a search and found this auditor's findings:$FILE/00000F37.pdf.$FILE/40bdf9cb.PDF.
the audit pointed out payroll and tax issues in both. Who was on the board????? As of 2008, they had $47. See

Gill pratt gave care unlimited (mose's charity $218,000

Richmond gave Scholarship Foundation of Sigma Lamba a phi a $227,000
and N.O. Community Enhancement $183,000 and
Ray avenue baptist church got $50,000 from him.

Swilling gave $112,000 to La. Community Developer

Willard Lewsis gave $468,600 Family Advocacy Newtork (FAN)!!!

It is no wonder the city looks like shit!! Everyone gave $ to these little groups that mostly used the money to keep their lights on rather than make a meaningful impact on the city.