Friday, October 22, 2010

Time Bandits

I got a kick out of a Cedric astroturfer on one of the multitude of articles mentioning my blog.   Dude stated that I had backpedaled in regards to my allegations about Cedric, NOCE, and the Rolex....not.  I have not retracted anything,  I've just been busy digging up bones.

Let's take a look at a speculative allegation which came in from my cyber-buds on Slabbed:

sop, would you insure a very expensive diamond bezel Rolex watch under your property insurer using a special jewelry rider? The questionable receipt/purchase dates of 2002/2007 are strange. Just so happens there were certain "burglaries" which occurred 5/20/2004 @ 4809 Eastview Dr.,NOLA and also in 2004 @ New Orleans Community Enhancement. Just wondering if any jewelry was reported on the police reports and a claim filed under any insurance policy. 

Sorta reminds one of a certain BMW that was hidden at the N.O. Louie Armstrong International Airport.(The Sean Hunter/Shauna Crowden story.)

What about this boathouse #19 lease for 24 years of $74,016 which was used for a collateral mortgage of $500,000 with the Whitney Bank? Did Richmond own a yacht or maybe it was just used to occasionally dock a certain 57 foot "Silicon Bayou"?

And who was the criminal court judge who "expunged" Tina Dixon's 2004 theft charges of $30,000 after repayment of only $15,000 in 2007? 

Alright, I chose to focus on the first allegation as the person who posted this seemed to have some very specific information that Cedric Richmond had filed two insurance claims within one year in respect to two burglaries that occurred at two separate properties CR owned.

Since NOPD was so proficient in producing the credit card statements used to indict Tina Dixon on the NOCE scandal, despite both the DA's office and the Criminal Clerk of Court having misplaced that information (and apparently no one is concerned about that but me), I figured there was a slim chance they may have these burglary records.  Baddabing....sho' nuff....they were present and accounted for.

Two burglaries took place in 2004 at two separate locations, the first one occurred at Mr. Ricmond's 4809 East View Drive residence on May 20, 2004, the second at 8701 Lomond Road on October 25, 2004.  What are the odds?  The only burglaries you've ever reported and they occur at two separate locations you own within 6 months of each other...hmmm.  But we'll get to the time line a little you will soon see, time plays a very important role in this story.

So let's take a look at the first burglary report:

May Burglary                                                            

Wow....did you see that laundry list of stolen items?  128 CDs....exactly.  Do you know how many CDs you have in your house to the exact number?

Anyway, some interesting things here.  Cedric wasn't the person who filed the report to the officers, his uncle and mother filed the original report.  CR then came back and filled out an itemized list of what was stolen from the house.  The police report states that only a partial fingerprint was lifted from the crime scene and apparently no subsequent arrest was made.

You know, I think the NOPD should hire me as a detective because I am pretty confident I know who committed this ready?

It had to be him.....he's the only one with the magical skills and magical bag big enough to get that much shit out of that house in a single burglary.  Unless it was Santa.  I think the NOPD should have interviewed Cindy Lou Who...I'm betting she woke up and saw the whole thing.

Let's take a look at that list again (you can click on image to expand):

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking but I'm not ready for that punch line yet.

One thing that's pretty interesting is that Cedric's mom, Maple Gaines,  originally told the reporting officer that there was $100 dollars in currency did she know that?  Did Cedric leave a 100 spot laying on his dresser and his mom knew it?  Also note that one "Bud Bottle" containing coins was missing...I'm assuming that was a bud bottle bank.  But then note that Cedric didn't report that in the itemized list he created later.

Ok...your pad gets man.  But you can file a sweet 13k insurance claim on that stuff and looking at the items...that's a pretty sweet deal.  He probably couldn't have turned 2k for that stuff in a yard sale.  Chalk it up as downsizing, take the cash and move on...

....but then October rolls around and...DOH!  What are the odds?

October Burglary                                                              

A second burglary!  At your second home!  Cruel, cruel Hermes....what hath Mr. Richmond done to warrant your wrath?

What are the odds, even in New Orleans?  Seriously...I'm sure there are a couple of insurance folks reading this post...what are the odds that you are burglarized twice in 6 months at two separate locations?

What's interesting this time, is that CR must have the routine down pat....he reports 6 items and their exact prices which total $6,150.  The handwritten report....which at some point was edited....states that any additional information would be submitted in a supplemental report.  That report was not attached to this document so I have no way of knowing if it was ever submitted.   

One note....notice that our bank coin containers  have now popped up at this residence...two of them.  

So back to the original allegation....was a Rolex watch reported stolen in these burglaries?  Minus the possible existence of a supplemental report to the October Rolex was reported stolen.

But every other goddamn watch known to man was reported stolen...7 in total.  If CR makes it to D.C., he better not be late for a vote because he sure as hell can't claim he lost track of time.  I've heard of women having shoe fetishes, but I've never heard of a dude having a watch fetish...until now.   May I suggest to CR that he just do a Flava Flave and wear a clock around his neck if he's that obsessed with time.

Speaking of obsessions with are some observations.

The NOCE thefts were originally discovered in 2003 and the credit card charges ascribed to Dixon (plucked from the total amount of is not a complete list of charges) was compiled and submitted by the NOCE C.P.A, Desiree Honore, on Feb. 5, 2004.  As shown here in the records she submitted to the TP (interesting how she suddenly found her tongue when the TP contacted her...there were requests made to her by me and at least one other journalist in which she declined to comment):

So the shit was coming down on Dixon and NOCE around Feb/March of 2004.  In the TP article it states that a total of $30,063 was grafted from NOCE:

Honore's audit of NOCE flagged a total of $30,063 in improper or undocumented charges. Of those, roughly $16,000 are itemized on the credit card statements appended to the police report. The most expensive single charge was $718 for something listed as "last minute getaways." Most of the charges are for meals and clothing. 

The thing that has really bugged me about this is that Dixon's restitution amount was just $15,000: 

Docket Full

Not only did she get the sweetheart deal of the century, she was only required to pay back half the amount she allegedly stole.  What about the remaining 15k?  What up with that?  If the credit card only accounts for 16k in fraudulent was the rest of the money grafted?  If Mrs. Honore is suddenly willing to provide so much information to the TP, I wonder if she would like to provide the rest of the grafted cash reports and the remaining CC charges to the TP. Of course they would probably just wipe their arse with it but I would still like to see if she is willing to provide it.

Asked whether any of the non-itemized checks or expenses could have included the purchase of a $6,000 Rolex bezel, Honore, the auditor, said no.

"I would have noticed something like that," Honore said. "That's the kind of item that would have been picked up in the audit. I would have reported something of that nature."

It has since been reported her uncle,  James Gray, was in business with Ike Spears and was actually a part owner in the building in which NOCE was housed, 5437 Crowder.  In fact, James Gray may have been a recipient of NOCE funds.

I would like to take Desiree's word that there's nothing to worry about, but forgive me if my spidey sense is tingling.

So Feb/March...the caga hits the fan.  Two months later...CR's house is looted...he files a claim for $13,205.  Less than six months later, his second house is looted and he reports $6,150 in merchandise was stolen.  That's a total of $19,335 in insurance claims.  If you had to come up with a lot of cash in a short amount of time, burglaries like these could be a blessing.

Where am I going with this?  Nowhere.  I leave it to you to ruminate on these facts. 

As to the original Rolex reported in the burglary police reports.  Provided I have all the documentation.


Anonymous said...

As a person who has written and read MANY NOPD 62r (residential burglary) reports, I find most all of the "stolen" items to be very unusual. Thieves steal what they can sell, only take that which is worth the risk. Items like a cloths steamer, pictures & prints, telephones, George Foreman grill, cologne, dirt devil, shirts, slacks, ties, sport coats, and a broken fishing reel are not worth the extra time to grab, as they yield very little to no money at the pawn shop. BTW - reading the incident report... who lives in NO East and does NOT lock their dead bolt? Most burglaries involve a door or window bashed in, and NOT a careful cut to the weatherstripping, while taking great care not to break something or create a eye sore. What a pleasant burglar that must have been, being all kind and shit.

Sop811 said...

Great work Dambala! This Richmond dude gets curiousier and curiousier the more you dig.

If we're lucky Stephanie Grace will grace us with more pearls of wisdom on this topic.

I'm told some guy named Disalvo was Dixon's lawyer at some point in this. That name rings a bell with me in the context of the NOPD.


Kevin said...

Was anyone arrested in connection with either of these incidents?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Is that a serious question? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

four types of cologne? really? why would anyone report stolen cologne? if there was a legit heist the burglar must have had a u-haul for all of this stuff. i realize the east is a high crime area but to steal this amount of stuff in a crowded area without being noticed makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Dambala - just want to make sure you check your gmail, as I sent you some info. BTW - I forgot to say earlier... GREAT WORK! Thanks so much for caring about the community. - BL

Jason Brad Berry said...

It's not just me...this community is taking care of itself. I'm just happy to be a part of it. Thank you, thank SOP, thank CSL, Dambala bless us all.

Now...the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Anonymous said...

How many trips would a burglar need to make stealing that much crap? Would a burglar stop to look through ties and cologne and broken fishing stuff? A George Forman grill and clothes steamer? Seriously? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Frank Disalvo - represents the New Orleans Police Foundation and Cops who get in doo doo (think Danziger 7).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would slur a great movie like Time Bandits by linking it with Richmond.....I'll never watch it with the same joy again you heartless bastard!

George Mauer said...

Good work, but maybe you should back off the "what are the odds" talk in regards to his two homes being burglarized within six months of each other.

I'm not involved with insurance or police work in any way but I would guess that burglaries are frequently committed by someone you know, so that would not seem like much of a coincidence.

Jason Brad Berry said...


No way am I backing off. Read the post again but this time start 3/4 of the way into the post with this sentence:

"Speaking of obsessions with are some observations."

Then go back and read the top down. The timing on these burglaries in respect to the NOCE "troubles" is just as coincidental as the back to back burglaries themselves.

And I'm sure whoever burglarized him knew him...of that I have no doubt.