Saturday, November 06, 2010


Silly wabbit, looting charities is just for kicks: A Cedric Richmond/Byron Lee charity looting update

Are you in compliance?

Con-profit alert status moving from elevated to high.


Anonymous said...

The Jefferson Report is a remarkable site. It has done a great job in just revealing the facts of JP corruption.

Imagine New Orleans with no Fielkow, Head, or Midura over the last few years. A Council where everything is voted on 7-0.

It's Orleans but pretty much all done in the open, with a real, live verified shadow government pulling the strings. The Wards, Heebes, Cappellas, Sneeds, Marcellos, Mamoulides, it's all out there. I am not sure if Letten will ever do anything but if he did and if he did it 100% investigating and indicting everyone who had acted illegally and complicitly in some or any way, aside from those not in office, there would be no councilpersons left, there would be no parish president, most of the bureaucratic hierarchy would be gone, the past and current parish presidents, the past and current CAO's and parish attorneys, 50% of the judges, and even the clerk of court would all be gone.

Orleans has been trying and slowly improving for years (AZ with a great boost from you, sir). JP is just unbelievably challenged with corruption, a Parish three times too big, an apathetic and uninformed electorate, and almost no media reporting on what goes on in government. Slabbed and The Jefferson Report deserve major kudos for exposing some really terrible things that most of the print, radio and tv media (with the sole exception of the valiant Val Bracey for a short while) has ignored and continue to ignore in favor of Orleans for years (and why? I have no idea. JP has more viewers, more readers, more listeners than Orleans).

lil'oya said...

they're asleep and think they can't do anything about it. i grew up in JP. what can a regular person really do to change this, especially if letten won't?

whitmergate said...

As with then Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson beginning January 2010, I am committed to do the same with Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick, Jr.: expose him for the politically corrupt and morally bankrupt individual he is.

The mantle of corruption he acquired from the reign of John Mamoulides, his predessor, has manifested exponentially.

The simple fact is that the "quid pro quo" arrangement DA Connick has with the Parish government for his private law firm to receive millions in legal fees by their vote of approval is what it is: a classic organized crime protection racket with all the elements of extortion and bribery manifested publically without any fear or doubt that their conduct will not be the focus of any investigation, criminal or ethical.

Corruption by and of Public Officials is rooted in the failure of those individuals who have been elected or appointed to hold these very same people accountable for wrong doing.

CONSEQUENCES, it's all about the wrath of CONSEQUENCES !

The raw truth and absolute fact is that until Paul Connick, Jr. is removed from the office of District Attorney for the Parish of Jefferson, the taxpayer/citizen will continue to be politically oppressed and constructively deprived of honest, responsive and functional government.

Paul Connick, Jr.'s presense in office is an anathema to common decency.


Anonymous said...

Dambala, one thing to look at if you're interested, and I am surprised there has been no coverage or investigation on this:

In Jeff Parish (and I'm guessing you know all this but anyway) the traffic camera via a company called Redflex paid "consultants" under the table to procure the camera contract in JP.

One was Brian Wagner, a former councilman who is buddies with more than one councilman (including then councilman John Young, who proposed the idea and pushed with Sheriff Newell "Noodles" Normand) and the TJR website has a run down on his contributions somewhere.

The other was Julie Murphy who is a judge's wife (that judge being Robert Murphy who is well ensconced and intertwined in the Gauthier/Broussard/Whitmer/Coulon woodpile).

So in the end these "lobbyists" (along with the judge himself by virtue of being in community with Julie Murphy) got TWO PERCENT (2%!) of what turned into a $20 million revenue program.

Now that company was Redflex, and I think I recall reading that the feds busted them in South Carolina for a similar operation.

But how did the traffic camera operation come to fruition in New Orleans? Who pushed it? Who sold it? Who bought it? Who's getting paid? What's teh company? Were there any "lobbyists"? Why has no one looked at this? And they are now flourishing, due process and City Charter be damned:

Anonymous said...

hope they get into greater st stephen's. criminal organization.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yes I do know about Wagner, Murphy and the traffic camz in JP. Derrick Shepperd was the state legislator who originally paved the way for the camz to come into play.

I would love to do this story, particularly because I think Wagner is a turd but I just don't have the time to do everything. This story is already out of the bag, and I think I would rather leave it in the capable hands of Slabbed and JP report considering it's a JP thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dambala (same anon), I know you got lots on your plate (heaps and heaps), that was the wrong suggestion from me. Apologies.

And I realize that the JP story is getting covered.

Maybe this is more in the vein of a general comment: -> I am just surprised nobody in tv, print or web journalism has explored how NO's red light contract came into being, who sold it, were there consultants, who bought it, how much was paid, how much is still being paid, and are consultants or other third parties getting paid. In Orleans I mean.

Meanwhile, we are now up to 44 (FORTY-FOUR) locations with red light cameras in New Orleans alone according to that TP report. That's a serious proliferation.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I know, I know....I wish I could clone myself so I could cover all this stuff. I just had to shelve the con-profit stuff because I'm now circling back on an older story, and what I've found is overwhelming...mindfuck overwhelming.

I have about half the public dox I need to write the story but I still don't know exactly what I'm looking for and I'm beating the bush to find out what I'm missing. What I should say is that I know what I'm missing I just don't know where to look for it. You will not believe the magnitude of the story.

I hope to publish 1st part on Humid Beings in about 2 weeks. I have to focus on this though, as it is a herculean effort...especially for a dude like me with little to no resources.

Anonymous said...

7th paragraph....DOJ is also assessing OPP to see if a consent decree is necessary. Why don't they discuss THAT in any of the contentious meeting Gusman has been involved in lately?

Anonymous said...

D, I have no idea which story or what you're looking for but if It's about any public company...try this site:

There is a search box You might enjoy: click on "keyword" at the top and then type in anything you are looking for in the searchbox.

Try "11850 jones" for example, without the quotes. You will know what to do from there.

I hope this doesn't become a distraction from the story you were working on; who knows, maybe it is...

Btw, any name place date or string you can imagine will work here, and it's free.

Happy hunting.