Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Crash Part 2: Lest Ye Be Judged

Part two of the mortgage and conveyance crash is up with the third installment coming this week.  It's a tough read, lot's of technical material, but I felt I had to spell that stuff out in order to truly understand what happened.  If you're in a hurry, you can skip over the video interviews in the tech part, but make an effort to look at the last one if you can. 

Also...the most important sentence in the entire piece is this:

This reporter was not able to discern how the data retrieved from these hard drives was verified as accurate.

That's a big deal....a very, very big deal.  Especially on the cusp of First American officially declaring the crisis over:

I hope they're right.  


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same ole ballgame folks!! This is the same crap that goes on throughout CNO. Do a PRR for emails for current and past managers in the ITI department and see what equipment has been requested by the experts. Then shot down because of $$, sound familiar?? Renaming the department and hiring a goofball contractor to be second in command of ITI were more important than avoiding a eminent crisis!

Anonymous said...

Dambala, thanks fo another great piece. Some questions:

- Ok, *is* Landrr Yada Magee's niece? Or not?

- Shouldn't the clerk's office be using and keeping the original paper? There was a time when you coudl walk into the office of mortgages or recorder of conveyances and pull open magnificent books that traced everything back to the 1700's. It really sounds like we have LOST something with technology here, not gained something.

- Really sorry to raise this, but it seems to me this is almost more important than the IT issues, or rather is key to answering them: what is in Atkins' and the Judges' budgets?

We know they have Ike Spears on $30,000 yearly contract. That was reported by Ch. 8. And we know they have at least one other contract attorney. We know the story with teh judicial fund and the judicial fees not collected. What else is in their budgets? Because it seems to me after reading all this not only should they have hired someone more competent than Ms. Landry (yes, I agree, it looks like she has been unfairly besmirched, BUT then it looks like she never should have been hired for thsi job in the first place) but that if the Clerk and Judges had been running their budgets properly they would have been able to bring in full team who was capable, afford better software, better consulting, better hardware, you name it.

This whole thing just seems like what happens "When Things Fall Apart" in a corrupt governmental system. You get brownouts, mainframe failures and undrinkable water alerts that's for sure.

Anonymous said...