Monday, February 28, 2011


I just found like 20 comments which I had failed to publish over about 4 months.  It's not my fault, Blogger is acting really quirky for me lately.  I apologize if your comment didn't get published, I only delete comments that will get me sued so please don't think I was selectively culling stuff....especially if you were bitching at me....I actually live for those.  


Editor B said...

I've always had issues with Blogger. I much prefer WordPress — if you ever decide to change platforms I think there is an import-export process. However I'm sure it's not as smooth and painless as it could be, and I wouldn't blame you for feeling somewhat invested in your current address.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Overall, I've been pretty happy with Blogger. It's just recently that I've got some quirky stuff going on with the comments. It may be user error, I need to dig a little deeper into it.

Clay said...

Greg Meffert in Muses: