Monday, March 14, 2011

A reflection and offering

Forgive me for my lack of input, I'm just going through a personal editing process where I really don't want to expend energy on this thing (AZ) unless I really have something of value to share....because it doesn't give back.  Believe just takes and takes and takes.

I've spent a lot of time going back through the Margaret Mead forum I referred to in a previous post, and just today I had a rather synchronous moment, per yellow blogger's facebook page.

I want to share that with you.  The first post is from Hurricane Radio (ht LC):

Testing:  The Education-Industrial Complex

This video is Mary Catherine Bateson reading a quote from her mother (Margaret Mead) during the 2001 Symposium:

Your kid may be in the best private school in the city.  Your kid may be in what is considered the worst public school in the city.  You know what?  They're both in the same fucking boat.

It's not about's not about pushing your kid to jump over some arbitrary bar set by assholes sitting on the boards of banks and universities.  These people define nothing other than their own egos.  The best thing one can do as a parent is teach your kids to be curious...teach them to question everything....everything.

I'm not suggesting I'm the the best parent in the world...but I know Mead was right on this.  I know it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right on about this.

I learned something today.

The nuclear plant in Vermont, the Vermont Yankee, which is leaking shit, and is so bad that everyone, including Gov. Shumer (I may have mispelled his name) is trying to shut it down is:

a) the same basic model as the ones that are melting down in Japan, and American nuclear industry groups knew as early as 1972 that this design was not sound

b) owned by Entergy of Louisiana

Do we laugh or cry?

I'm going to see a neighbor of mine about his solar panels and adorable little wind turbines.

His rig looks portable, and my landlady might be cool with putting panels like that on the porch roof, which is where Charlie has his.

His wind turbines are each about as small as a bread box, and they have vertical blades.

I'm thinking I could buy turbines and panels like his, and just get started, insead of waiting for the day when I can afford to buy a house first.

Charlotte/TM said...

I've long thought it would be great for you to share/explore your creative side online. I remember your spider in the truck story from a few years back --- you're a great story-teller. A creative blog might be a good balance to your investigative side. Yin yang, ya know?

Anonymous said...

The spider in the truk story was great.

Which impressionist painter was it who said he only painted happy paintings because there was enough ugly and messed up shit in the world already?

Anonymous said...

Silencing of Susan Hill
as Gov. Bobby Jindal
begged for billions
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Ongoing, continuing retaliation against female scientist whistleblower who reported to Gov. Bobby Jindal et al. corruption in the State of Louisiana's levee and coastal program

6.2.08 Mary Ginn and lawyer Mark Falcon - Susan Hill, False
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Subsequent disciplinary reduction in pay punishment of Susan Hill - for questioning the accuracy of the marsh elevation data from a
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