Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Atlas flexes

Dispute heats up over BP's $20 billion oil spill fund

"The dispute heated up after Feinberg's lawyers filed a motion Tuesday in U.S. District Court in New Orleans. The motion charges Hood with making "unsupported and damaging assertions" about the claims process."

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To Atlas,

You're being defamed by Hood?  Really, Ken?  You wanna swing your pecker around and try to scare some folks?

How's this for defamation?  You are a fucking shill.  You were from the beginning.  You've been a shill all your fucking life.  Go back to your goddamn, bullshit, Brockton roots and wallow in your Zapruder/911/agent orange cash.  Tell your childhood neighbors how you've always fought the good fight...I hope they buy it.

In the meantime, just get the fuck out of the Gulf Coast and don't come back.   

Do anything you need to do to stroke your ego, bitch...just get the fuck out of our world.  You represent the people of the Gulf Coast about as much as George W. Bush did when he flew over Bourbon street after Katrina and wondered if people were "still partying down there." 

Leave...just leave. 

And I get're gonna tell us if you leave, the 20b is off the table.  We've seen that game before, it's called bait and switch.  The 20b was never on the table, we knew that from the beginning.  You're on commission from BP, motherfucker...and this ain't our first rodeo. 

We are sick, we are dying, it's going to get worse... and you....are a fucking shill.  You're a shill who's distracting attention away from things that really matter, i.e., sick and dying people.   So show some balls and fight for us or just go beat off with your buddies in the beltway, man.  Just get the fuck out of our way....please.  

You have no confidants here, sir....none that matter.

That's defamation, and I mean every fucking word of it.


jeffrey said...

The permalinks are indicated by the little "#" at the bottom of each post. I know that seems stupid but it was how most of these blogses worked back when I started doing it.

Dambala - Jason B. Berry said...

Got it.

Anonymous said...

This is a hell of a deal that Obama worked out.

You see whereas before you could sue and wait for all your claims to bloom like the algae over our oyster beds AND have all your rights protected... now get to talk to the State Farm agent cum BP finance man who will just have you sign the same old waiver of claims which grants you what ***BP*** thinks your claims is worth while you simultaneously sign a waiver forgoing all future lawsuits.

Feinberg works for BP. He is the Katrina man telling you that looks like water damage to him, not so much wind.

At that point the claimant can say what Dambala just said or just fold the tail between their legs and go away. Which is really kinda the plan.

- sobieski

bruthas-back said...

i can't wrap my head around this whole claims process. did feinberg purposely pay questionable claims early to make it appear to outsiders that people around here just had their hands out looking for free $?

i remember a story in the t-p about a housekeeper at the convention center marriott getting a couple grand from gccf. now, if this woman is eligible for money then half of the city is eligible.
there were also stories about people working for the same companies doing the same job, some getting money some not. was that the old divide and conquer trick?

has feinberg ever released the formula for determining eligibility? seems to me that doing so would answer some questions. but it looks like feinberg wants more questions and less answers!

judyb said...

AMEN! Your rant has given life to the anger that I feel towards the whole feinberg b.s. Thank you.