Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's not funny any more

Really.  I stopped laughing a long time ago.  Now it's embarrassing.  It's been over a year since Ciber's departure.

Could someone in IT at City Hall please change the domain addy?  Please?  The dirty bastards raped us out of a gazillion dollars and we still have an IP addy which suggests our city is a subsidiary of Ciber.

Please, can someone change that?

BTW, I asked then and I'll ask can a compnay DBA an entire city?  I want to DBA city of New York and cash their checks.  Does that mean if someone wrote a check to City of New Orleans, that Ciber could have cashed it?   


Anonymous said...

Was it ever funny?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah....kind of. I laughed when I saw it the first 10 times. Now that Im in the thousands...not so funny.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is the only bargaining chip St.Peiere has left...

He might be willing to trade a reduced prison sentence for the citys domain name :-)

Anonymous said...

More to the point - WHERE is Mitch's new IT Department on this?

cease desist?

A phone call?

A new demand for re-registration?

You've seen it thousands of times and they haven't seen it once?


Jason Brad Berry said...

- More to the point - WHERE is Mitch's new IT Department on this?

Yes, I agree and that's why I'm calling it out. I've let it sit there too long.

candice said...

Mitch's IT department likely has a huge mess to take care of, and calling up their upstream provider (level3) and getting them to change the record is probably the last thing on their mind.

They should do it, but I'm honestly not surprised that no-one has.

Changing ARIN records is painful and IP-owning organizations often do not bother with it. (Like if you buy internet from Cox, and a whole netblock, they do not even put your name on it.)

Anonymous said...

The IT department has ciber and mefferts old staff.
They are making them city employees now, the department has changed at the top only

Anonymous said...

For your less techie readers, can you please explain where you're seeing this? I know what a domain address is, but I don't see what's pictured on the website. Thanks.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Everyime someone from City Hall hit's the blog, that's the IP address I see on Statcounter, so I see it at least 40 times a day.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I love Stat Counter. That's how we busted the Corps, well and a little hackin on da side ahem ;)

While this is some of the best blogging I've ever seen, it's the commentary that kicks my bucket.
I see it on slabbed too, where the readers congrooviate on an issue and thereby lay it out like rubber on the road.

Indeed, I find this mo'so encouraging than the abject horse shit you must spooge before us. It has to be done, because the effort has made the difference.
Therein lies a difference to me between what you do blogging and what a journalists may or may not do in reporting.
They may take names, yet you kick ass AND take names AND effect change.
That is a difference which makes a difference.
Jus'sayin... it's Happy Hour!
Thanks yous.

Anonymous said...

I love that people from City Hall are checking the blog forty times a day. That made me giggle.

Do you think they are all waiting for the other shoe to drop? How many people there are sitting on information about little scams that have (so far) stayed under the radar?

Can you tell which departments are checking you out all the time? My money is on the lawyers.

Do you remember last fall when there were more problems with the servers and with missing e-mails?

What happened to those e-mails? Did anyone ever find out, and do we know whose messages, about what topics, went missing?

Mitch did fire some people when he took office. At least one firing I know of was right on.

It is too bad to think that only the top level of folks has changed, but were the underlings in on the bad stuff, or just trying to keep their heads down and do their jobs well in spite of it all?

Anonymous said...

Is it against some written or unwritten rules to let us know who is peeping inward?
If not, please oblige

Anonymous said...

Candice - Ok, hold on.

I see your point... but:

in one breath we have a point about how insignificant it is, and in another we see in another comment that the old Meff `n Ciber staff is still at the wheel by and large so there's a bit of a conflict.... meanwhile this whole intertwining is the focus of the biggest federal City Hall bust and trial (currently) going so I kind of think they could do something about it.

Also, Mitch (yes, voted for him, yes, cheering for him) is supposed to be eliminating just this kind of thing, in fact just this very thing.

So could one of you nice city employees who hit this blog 280X per week, 1000X per month on just one of those occasions think to do something and kindly walk down the hall, knock on the door and tell them to return the CNO domain to its rightful owners?

Thank you. - Sobieski

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Is it against some written or unwritten rules to let us know who is peeping inward?
If not, please oblige

Highly privileged information which only one man on the planet knows. Now if you took that man out for drinks and get him half lit he'd probably spill the beans. :)

Anonymous said...

No, man, keep some of your secrets.

They are key to your air of mystery and allknowingness. It makes the bastards a little bit afraid, right?