Monday, May 02, 2011


I thought last night's episode was really good.  In fact, that's the first episode that has really grabbed me.  The character arcs have finally sucked me in, it took a season + 2 episodes to get me there, but I'm finally there.  Whoever wrote, directed, edited last night's episode....I hope they stick with that formula.


bruthas_back said...

agree 100%!
the introduction of oliver thomas should be interesting!

Ricky Adams said...

Directed by Tim Robbins
Written by David Simon

Anonymous said...

hope its as you say... cuz im not there yet- havent seen it yet but i think the show is like a big set of postcards...accurate locals but flat. the dialog has been atrocious.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah I agree with that analysis...up to this episode. Just watch it and let me know if you agree. There is so much they can dig into and they have just casually brushed it, it seems like with this episode they're starting to dig.