Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you watch the entire Fat Albert espisode?

If you did, come see me at the bottom of that thread.

If you didn't, go back to your normal shit.



Anonymous said...

heybah heybah heybah.

fuckabah rudahby .

i was a dahbah brains behind da junkyayard band.

a skit from snl

the only copy i could find was with a commercial on the front end , sorry.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Ray Nagin's book is a preemptive attempt at an insanity defense?

Anonymous said...

looks like the SOS at the city's ailing IT department...

a) incompetent "interim" CIO transformed into full-CIO

b) very well-paid contract doing the real work (Eric Bergquist, billing at $120/hour)

c) contractor firms TDC and MSF still billing taxpayers on their rigged RFP victories

extra, extra! read all about it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3: and the amazing Reverend Shelton O. Myers still heading up Tech Services.

Anonymous said...

MAS Global or Marseysas Fernandez still has a freaking contract with the CIty of New Orleans?? Mitch Landrieu is officially worthless as a Mayor. I voted for this baffoon thinking he would clean things up not let the status quo continue to exist.

Anonymous said...

MAS does not, MSF does (MSF = Marseysas Fernandez).

at the time of MSF's award things got a bit "heated" shall we say. it was largely regarded that MSF wrote the very RFP they won. i read it and it certainly didnt sound like anything Shelton Myers or Russell Ardeneaux could write.