Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Let's call it a rattlesnake rodeo

Last week St. Pierre goes down in a blaze.

Last night we get this:

Katrina recovery contractor who met secretly with Mayor Ray Nagin indicted on insider trading charges

Now we get this:

Ex-official Henry Mouton takes deal, pleads guilty in landfill case

Seemingly unrelated.  But as you all know by now, the degrees of separation in this city are never that far apart.

Besides Ray Nagin, who I have always maintained is most at risk in regards to his Fradella/Stone Age/HSOA/Home Depot problem, are there any other sneaky snake connections in these new indictments?

Let's say, a former N.O. council-person who may have accepted a bribe from Mouton?  Or a former state senator who may also have accepted a bribe from Mouton and has been implicated in dirty dealings by the Meffster to boot?  And another Mouton bribe given to....perhaps...Derrick Sheperd?  HA!  I'm sorry that was funny to me...when it comes to the bad sheperd there's no need to be crypt-ic (ht Oyster), you know it's probably true.

So let's take a glance back at the 2009 Sneaky Snake Countdown.  Of the 14 snakes identified, only one remains un-indicted, un-convicted, or not under investigation (officially):

Numbers 12, 11, and 9 just went down:

And then there's Sheperd...I'm posting this one just because that picture still makes me crack up every time I see it:

Now we have two mystery snakes who the Cowboy of Poydras Street may have caught by the tail while wrangling the others:

I think it may be time for another sneaky snake countdown soon.  The old den of vipers has been cleaned out and lo and behold, there was a whole other layer beneath them.

(Mouton + Fradella + Meffert) Canary =  ∞ corruption sweep.

Oh....BTW....please, please, please get over to Cenlamar's pad and read all about the LFF's 501c-us-launder-money scam.  What kind of snake do you think Gene Mills should be?  Oh, of course, the snake in the Garden of Eden...tempting lawmakers.


Anonymous said...

According to the Secretary of State's website, the New Orleans Medical Complex and the New Orleans BioInnovation Center are both non-profits which are currently "not in good standing."

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Snake Farm
--just sounds nasty
Snake Farm
--it purty much is
Snake Farm
--it's a reptile house
Snake Farm

Anonymous said...

This state is sorely in need of a mongoose colony.

UMC Management is not a new nonprofit. The Earl K. Long Medical Foundation just shed its name and reincarnated.

mcbrid35 said...

Answers to question marks:

Ann Duplessis and Renee Gill Pratt

Of course, I'm just reading your comments over on Slabbed. ;-)

I love this:
"AD has reportedly been asked to step down and told her boss to fuck off…she’s not budging. MM is gonna have to man up and fire her ass or she’s about to be a huge headache for his admin."

Anonymous said...

No, it's Ann Duplesis and CWL.

mcbrid35 said...

You are correct - Ann Duplessis and Cynthia Willard Lewis

Plugging each name into Google Images gives the unquestion-marked versions of the photos AZ used for this post.