Monday, June 06, 2011

What the hell is going on in Oxpatch?

I'm going to have to take a summer trip to my alma mater in Oxford, MS.  I've been following Slabbed stories and I'm beginning to think it's getting weirder up there than it is down here.

Make sure you read the comment section.  As a matter of fact you should always read not only Slabbed posts but the comment section as well...he's got the best in the business...well besides you guys of course :).


Anonymous said...

Lawyers turning cannibal on other lawyers is nothing new. Would to the Gods they were more effective at thinning their herd.

The endlessness of Scruggs has antecedants, too. Dickens wrote about the corruption and inneffectiveness of the old Courts of Chancery in "Bleak House", where the wards in Jarndyce (sorry for the mispelling, I am no where near the book and I read it a million years ago) had much of their lives wasted awaiting an outcome in their case.

But damn, the guy with the samurai sword made me laugh.

Now that is crazy with some style.

Anonymous said...

somebody give Slabbed The Ashley award, trully they desrve it.

bellesouth said...

It is still going on up there in Oxpatch. Somethings never change.