Thursday, August 25, 2011

Git ya' Tide on!

Saturday morn, 9 am, 1 Drexel Drive, Xavier University...Rising Tide 6 is going down.

I get asked by folks who read AZ a lot, "How can I help?  What can I do?"  You can start by simply participating in the conversation and the RT conference is where it begins.  You want to learn how to start a blog?  You want to find out dirty details that are too hot to blog?  Whatever your interest is in this wonderful, amazing, fucked up city we livin in....RT is the place to be this Saturday.

If you live out of town and you can't make it...good will be webcast live from the Xavier campus.

For my fellow bloggers and news can simply drop this embed code in your blog/website and you too will be on the RT network:

Actually, click this link:

I can't figure out how to drop the embed code in the post without it loading the player so just cut and paste that code, drop it in, and you're off and running.

Also, check out the RT video page Varg set up HERE.  Also please note the DONATE BUTTON on that page...if you're watching RT from home, please share some love and understand that it takes a lot of money and hard work for the RT organizers to stage this event.  So hit that button and send them some love, homeys!

And just to remind you why we do this:

- We seek to protect and preserve the cultural qualities of New Orleans that make our city unique.

- We resolve to root out and expose the corruption and incompetence that harms us all.

- We work to enact a vision of a restored and resilient community that respects traditions and reaches for a sustainable future for all citizens.


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