Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zombies everywhere

Benetech owner's foray into home elevation is being investigated by state

Bennett said he wanted to be involved but was not able to "because of my radioactivity in the media."


Anonymous said...

Here's something you might find interesting. On NOLA this morning Benetech was in the news today, but thats not why I am writing. Parveen Kalais (aka Kalais Management located at 3525 N. Causeway Blvd. Suit 1040. This guy opens and closes construction companies like we change clothes. They alos own property through out the area. One piece of property will have several companies as owners but the same person will own all the companies that own the property with a mailing address of 3525 N. Causeway.

Some of the construction companies they have open
Parish Partners, USD Construction and now Cajuan Construction to name a few.

What they do is go out take out loans and grants, after they run the company into the ground and rip off the subs they file BR and close up shop. When you take them to court and even if you do win you will never get what is owed.

Try typing that address and see how many companies are filed at that address. These guys are also related to Bobby Jindal and have received a shit load on money from the feds and the state to that was supposed to be used to rebuilding in stead they have been funneling this money back to india.

Just check out the Secretary of State with this address.

These guys are also into JP NO SB politician pockets.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon...can you email me directly @ ashedambala@gmail.com?

Very interested to understand this better. Thanks.

Jason Brad Berry said...

And Anon...if you're worried about anonymity you can set up an anonymous email account on Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

However I can assure you confidentiality....I never reveal sources. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Parveen Kalais is also the name associated with the 1031 Canal St. building.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Anonymous said...


You should to go to business school before your made dumb statements....

People can NOT open and close construction companies with liens/lawsuits/etc. AND get then loans and grants.
Adults know, when there you have a bankruptcy or when people are suing you, then banks and such do not give you money.

On Cajun Construction/Elevation's website they link to the BBB.com with an A rating...most people who rip off subs and clients do not have an A rating.

Also, if you rip off subs the contractors licensing board will nail you. Simple as that.

I am writing this because this guy seems like he is doing something good on Canal St. So of course, all the misinformed negative nancys must come out.

Jason Brad Berry said...

If I go to business school will you take an English class?

oakie said...

Anon #3, Do not believe that the state licensing board will pull your license if you stiff your subs. I know of one contractor who has a line of subs suing him all across SE LA and he still has 1 license. He was allowed to keep his residential license and forfit his commercial. This joke has been going on for 3 years and recently was jailed for misappropriating homeowner funds(stealing) 10K+ from a residential customer.
He has been pulled from 2 sites because of shoddy construction and still gets to play contractor!

Anonymous said...

Parveen Kalais is doing something good w/ Canal street? really? by threatening to pull out if he doesnt get his way, in violation of the city's new master plan for building and zoning which carries the force of law? explain.

cuz ill tell you something -- he wants the increased height so he can build floors and floors of parking. for the theaters, football games, etc. he cites wanting to keep Residential, Retail, Office, and Parking all in one building, but i can assure you -- there is no need for any more office space in this city. the CBD is FULL of EMPTY office buildings. from historic warehouses to skyscrapers, all at low occupation levels. very low.

it's a dick-move -- he says he'll develop something nice in the spot, but not unless the council kowtows and provides an exception to the law for his building.

this is how developers work. they all want exceptions, because each one is a beautiful unique snowflake.

Anonymous said...

no office space is proposed there...wrong again...

Anonymous said...


"As proposed, the residential, office, parking and retail building"


...did they cut the office space? a welcome change if so, since there is an obvious glut of office space.

Anonymous said...

"The new structure would contain 307 apartments, 486 parking spaces and 38,000 square feet of retail space, including a restaurant."

I don't think office space has been proposed for a while...which makes sense because there is a glut of it downtown....also, I don't think anyone has built new office buildings like this in 20 years...so that makes sense as well.

Honestly, I think parking, retail, and apartments on that corner is an excellent thing. Regardless of whatever dumb rule may be in place, Nola can barely afford to pick up all the garbage in town. We cannot afford to make the FQ smell fresh.

How can we fights against having hundreds of more residents, parking for theaters, and shopping?

If the master plan doesn't allow this development, then i would say the plan needs to change.

Anonymous said...

well, the master plan *doesnt* say this sort of development cant happen. it just says to put it in the skyscraper zone -- the CBD, etc.

thats the thing i dont get. new building in that space? great. awesome. do it. but he says he wont unless he can make it 2-3 times what the zone's height restriction for new buildings is. why? why not either...A) make it shorter. or B) make it in the zone designated for tall buildings?

...sounds to me like he wants his cake and to eat it to -- a parking business and an apartment building, in one. but you know? i want things, too. it's good to want.

bruthas_back said...

anything would be better then that piece of shit at 1031 canal st. now.

17 1/2 years for st. pierre ! i wonder what broussard would get if letten had the balls to bring charges? i heard a rumor that letten's wife had her hand in the river birch cookie jar. have you heard anything like that?