Monday, September 26, 2011

errhhh...P.S.A. - Flood Insurance Map

I don't normally publish solicitations, especially from law firms.....but......this map/graphic these guys made is pretty damn informative.  So, this is not an endorsement of the law firm but I think the map they made is pretty cool and helpful:

Louisiana Flood Insurance Claim Statistics

And while we're on the subject of solicitations....if you send me some bullshit spam then immediately send another comment asking me why I didn't post your bullshit spam....I will not only delete your comments, I may even dis your stupid-ass, commercial venture just for shitz and gigglz.  Don't be a dick.

That wasn't directed at the law firm above, they were very polite....and more importantly...they were poignant.    

Meanwhile...please check out they actually paid for a sponsorship and that helps keep me going.  Thanks.

UPDATE:  This map may be bullshit.  I was sent these NFIP statistics from a reader:

Which clearly states the losses for "The City of NO" as:


That's a far cry from the "7 million + yellowed out Orleans Parish" graphic on that map.  It ain't a million with a's a billion with a B.  

And now that map ain't nearly as sexy.  

I await your response map makers.


Anonymous said...

Everyone who lives in New Orleans should have flood insurance. I live in a "sliver" neighborhood that didn't flood during Katrina, and I still have flood insurance because it would just be stupid not to.

What's not written anywhere in your policies but is important to understand is that the NFIP is a quid pro quo from Congress to the insurance companies: in return for generous campaign contributions, the NFIP looks the other way when insurance companies write >90% of all hurricane damage off to flood - even where there was no flooding. If you don't have flood insurance then you prevent your homeowners provider from taking advantage of this perk that they have doled out so much campaign $ for, and that just pisses them off. Have flood, get stroked a check on the Federal tab; no flood, be prepared for a battle to get anything out of your homeowners provider regardless of what your policy says.

All that said, I find it difficult to believe the information on this map is correct. New Orleans is below $100M in flood insurance payouts? Really?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the map.

I like to check out I didn't know they existed until they started to sponsor you. Catalogue porn is great.

They need a better format in my opinion. It isn't always easy to browse that site. Their format, rather than the level of interest among your readers, might be the issue if they are wondering about their online sales.

But props to them for supporting you. And they have cool stuff, much of it affordable. I guess if you have a big boat, you can afford all of it.

Anonymous said...

Orleans parish should be $7.18 billion.
Here is the data from NFIP:

Anonymous said...

And here are links to other NFIP stats:

Jason Brad Berry said...

So the data is incorrect on their site? I will take it down if it's bogus. Please advise...I can get duped just as easily as the next guy.