Friday, September 16, 2011

Something I've been pondering

How is that Cedric Richmond can make his bar fight incident in Baton Rouge simply disappear in the court system but Jordan Jefferson is being crucified?


whitmergate said...

I'm post pondering with you ...

bruthas_back said...

because L$U is 3-0 right now!

If they lose to West Virginia JJ might be able to see the special man!

lockemuptight said...

FACTOID :Politicians have natural immunity from prosecution in the Capital whereas college students and even student athletes are persecuted and deemed to be spoiled brats by the BR police.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering if the recent decision by Jindal to suspend some contractors who did elevations improperly has any connection to Aaron Bennett getting into that game. Maybe not, but editorials about elevations coming out after stories about his involvement in that business is interesting.

On Richmond: Politicians and the politically connected often seem immune from prosecution and even from social stigma that should be attached to wrongdoing. If they are fun at a party, give money to charities, or provide people with the access to secrets and to power that they crave, they will have defenders.

If Richmond's actions get a lot of attention, those associated with him will lose face.

When politically connected people do get in trouble, look around for who is in line to fill the void they will leave.

Anonymous said...

@lockmeup - if a "student" athelete kicks a downed man in the face and severely injurs him, i hope as fuck he gets persecuted by the BR police.

being a jock-rocker doesnt excuse bad behavior.

lockemuptight said...

Anonymous : When did you attend LSU to have the standing to comment that the BR police do not have a hard-on for students. I have recently attended LSU and have observed them enough to comment to what I have posted. As far as Jefferson being guilty or not has nothing to do with the way the BR police handled the Richmond incident as opposed to Jefferson's incident.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Dambala, did you bother to compare the incidents?

Obviously power and influence have something to do it, but the report of the Richmond incident that I saw involved shoves, escalating to two people rolling around the ground and no serious injuries.

The reporting on the Jefferson incident leaves a lot to be desired, but the allegations are that somebody ended up with multiple broken vertebrae after being kicked while he was down. Both the consequences of Jefferson's actions (broken vertebrae) and the maxim of his actions seem much worse. In the court system, as opposed to a philosophy class, it's usually the consequences that matter, so I would expect Richmond's actions to "disappear." The sad thing is, Richmond could probably get with Jefferson's alleged actions, unless the other guy was well-connected, but that's a hypothetical.

I blasted Richmond several times before I started losing interest in local politics,* so I'm no Richmond fan, but I have to wonder if this was a serious question. Not trying to be as belligerent as that comes across, but I am curious.

Lockmeuptight, dude you're good at acting indignant and fighting strawmen. I don't see where anonymous said anything about the way B.R. police treat college students. Faux indignation, staw man attacks, and political solipsism, you could probably go far in politics.

*Started listening to Bloomberg radio and CNBC after the financial crisis. Hard to get upset about the local b.s. keeping N.O. from getting better when smacked in the face by the national b.s. ruining the country.


who you is in a bar fight / street brawl seems to make a diff.

lockemuptight said...

To Bayoustjohndavid : Ok, Richmond you won i give up. A senator rolling around in a fight is still a fight and what no police and no charges. Get real and go to LSU as a student, roll around in a bar fight and u will get charged.

bideo said...
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bideo said...
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Jason Brad Berry said...

get your panties out of a wad. I screen every comment which comes in to this blog due to threats of lawsuits. So I post the comments at my leisure.

However, I am debating deleting your comments anyway since they constitute spam more so than an actual comment.

i will let it slide for now, but if you're going to comment on this blog in the future, eliminate the bullshit and just make your point....which appears to be that people should use your service.

As a matter of fact, yeah I am going to delete you comments and just post the gist of your comment:

"JJ wasn't suspended until the first camera phone video was given away on YouTube.

If a similar video of Richmond existed he wouldn't be in office. That is, unless the video was auctioned on where Cedric could've outbid the press to smother it.

Sad, but video drives what the public cares about. No image, nobody cares."

Next an ad and you'll get front page exposure.