Friday, September 09, 2011

This ƒ¨ç˚ˆ˜© City!

We've all said it....we've all been there.  As much as we love this city there are times that truly try our souls and we ponder why the hell we subject ourselves to the dystopian nightmares lurking around every corner.

Yes you have been there...don't f'n lie.

One of our city's very talented and compassionate peeps just had the misfortune of experiencing the very nasty side of Nawlin's.  Watch this story:

Brazen Lakeview robbery puts neighbors on alarm

Well, the same thing happened to 3 peeps of AZ's.  One is a designer for Dirty Coast and his computer and equipment he needs to make a living were taken in the robbery.  I'd like to ask AZ readers to please donate to him at the following PayPal link:

And if anyone else wants to embed the link in their blog, please feel free.  This is not a donation to AZ, it goes directly to the affected parties.

I'm not going to go on a crime rant here, we all know the dangers of living in Nawlins and I'm sure the experience was traumatic enough for the three folks who went through need to rehash it.  Please consider helping a peep out, it would be much appreciated.


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schleifnet said...

these same guys were going to murder my coworker's finance (they kidnapped him in midcity by the gambit) when he escaped the trunk of his car: