Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Big Fix

This Friday, 2pm @ the CAC....please attend the press conference for the documentary film, The Big Fix.  More info at the Krewe of Truth.

This film is extremely important as it's the best chance the Gulf Coast has of exposing the truth of what's actually happened in the wake of the BP oil spill.  I will be at the presser shooting it...I think it's important to document everything that has gone on in the wake of this spill in order to at least set the historic record straight.

Since the spill, I've been documenting (video) the ongoing health problems and continuing barrage of oil washing up onto the Mississippi and Louisiana shores.  The oil did not disappear.  There are no magic microbes.  The seafood is not safe....yes...you heard me....the seafood is not safe....don't kid yourself.  I wanted to believe it as badly as anyone...but it just ain't fo' true.

Don't believe me?  These two pictures were taken today...right off the edge of Cat Island in Mississippi.  The witnesses said the sheens were miles long.

This is the general area where these pictures were taken:

This stuff is continually coming on shore, not only on the MS. barrier islands, it's coming in on the main coast as well.  Ship Island is currently open and has been for the entire summer.  I will have more on that later in the week.

These are two interviews I conducted for LEAN a couple of weeks ago.  The Mississippi coast, in particular, is seeing continual waves of oil coming in shore.  Mississippi officials are actually "beach farming" the affected areas and you will see the video evidence of that in the following interviews.


Much more evidence to come.  Much more.  Please stay tuned and please show your support for exposing BP's cover up by attending "The Big Fix" press conference and the film at The New Orleans Film Festival.  This could be the best opportunity we have to bring this issue back up on the national stage.  Please help...occupy the CAC during this press conference.  



Anonymous said...

These videos are really incredible, I cannot tell you how many times I have told friends and family to stop eating anything from the Gulf (I stopped the same week of the spill, haven’t eaten anything from the gulf since, really getting tired of chicken). Here’s the problem, no one wants to believe it, I like to call it Willful Ignorance. I try and show them your website and others plus the videos out there but the few that actually watch them just shrug their shoulders and say I don’t think it’s really that bad. I actually had a family member say, “The government wouldn’t let us eat it if it were that bad.” So I have given up. Fuck it, the information is out there for those of us that want it.

BTW, the foam might be from the corexit, I heard that it is basically a really strong soap so I figure it would foam up just like dish detergent.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dambala, if you do any political element to this you have got to include BP's hiring of plaintiff attorney John Houghtaling who ha been doing a pretty nice Aaron Bennett imitation for a while now. Traditionally a class action, plaintiff oriented firm, the Gauthier law firm was basically seized by Houghtaling and he has now been retained by BP ate over a million dollars, and meanwhile he has been by the looks of it funneling that money to pols, Jindal and Mary Landrieu, for two, but others - SOP/Slabbed has the details. The buying of our politicians has got to be a part of this story and if you're doing that you need to include the Houghtaling element.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the seafood unhealthy to eat, but the chemicals dumped on everything are making some people really sick, which is barely mentioned anywhere any more.

They are serious enough that they could hurt the reproductive systems (not to mention other bodily systems) of people exposed to them long term.

Children are particularly vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

The seafood is not safe and the well is still leaking, corexit is band from a large number of countries except the U S. I stopped eating the seafood the first week of the Largest Natural Disaster in the Gulf (LNDG).Corexit has never been tested on humans it is not soap are detergent it is a very bad commecial, and BP used the entire US supply in 2 1/2 months. I am glad I found this website I will spread the news.No one will talk about it anymore because they all took money from BP.The money is more important that human life.

Red said...

I had almost the exact same experience as the guy in the first the video. Twice since the oil spill I ate fried oysters from two different nice restaurants - one was a Brennan's. The first time my ovaries got so inflamed I couldn't walk for three days. The second time my formerly dormant colitis (ulcer in my colon) started bleeding and, regardless of various medicines that usually work, it didn't stop for 1 1/2 months. I ended up being hospitalized for 9 days because of it. I tried to tell the doctor I thought my illnesses were related to eating post-oil spill gulf coast seafood and I was scoffed at.

I know my body and I know for a fact that our seafood is not safe. Whenever I eat seafood from other locales I'm fine. If I eat so much as a mouthful of Gulf seafood, my stomach begins to cramp and burn. No one wants to even hear about it cause it cuts into their 'quality of life'. No one wants to give up eating local seafood. No one wants to deal with the economic hit to our tourism and restaurant industry and what it would take to mitigate that. No one wants to deal with the long arduous battle against BP and their power and resources. So we ignore the obvious and eat poisoned seafood instead.

We listened to the same rational from Bush after 9/11 and it was to our detriment. "keep shopping, traveling, consuming. Don't let 'the enemy' win by changing our lifestyle". Following the advice of an incompetent and his capitalistic lifestyle prescription as an antidote to what ails this country got us into a massive phony war and ultimately disemboweled our economy. Using common sense on either of these fronts would save lives, money and our future. Unfortunately I see us repeating the same self destructive route with this oil spill that we took with 9/11: sticking our heads in the sand and accepting the lies we're being fed.