Friday, October 07, 2011

Comment Bump: All Roads Lead to King Georges

Of course....of course this makes sense.  Please read the previous post and comments then read this comment.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "They did merge":
As an aside, the property ownesrhip and parcel / description information for 2423 Bainbridge St Kenner is strangely not available on the JP Assessors site. It's one thing for the address not to pop up in the assessor site, it's a whole other for the property to have absolutely no description info, this is what turns up:

"Address: 2423 BAINBRIDGE ST
Lot: N/A
Square: N/A
Section: N/A
Subdivision: N/A
Zip Code: 70062
Neighborhood: CITY OF KENNER
Council District: 3 - BYRON LEE "

This may be a topic for another day (or these parcels could be related, who knows, because there are a lot of them) but the property ***right next door 2501 Bainbridge St Kenner shows up with absolutely ZERO assessed value (though obviously having a lot of structures and work on it):

"Parcel# Owner Location Description Assessment Action

3923110751 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3923110755 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3822313271 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3701410110 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3430884503 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3420832373 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3420835282 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3300507545 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3200312772 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3100129862 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0
3100129864 M & M GAMING INC 2501 BAINBRIDGE ST 0"

And if you look up M&M Gaming it is owned by none other than John Georges.

The zero assessments in JP for some major properties is something that ha turned up on Slabbed before.

Just an fyi, but those are a lot of parcels, it is the property next door and again there is no ownership or description info for 2423 Bainbridge itself so who knows. 

Hey isn't Chehardy now the JP assessor?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Bernardo could take a nice photo of the lot, when he's not busy walking around sleazifying.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if you do a search of all these characters, check which companies they own, then what land they own ...probably the best parcels in metairie on vets.....then check the assessments.

Anonymous said...

2423 Bainbridge! Recently I got an unsolicited piece of mail from that address (Sorry, I forget the company name). It said that they were unable to reach me by phone, and that I was paying too much for electricity. It said I should call them, with a copy of my Entergy bill handy. I (of course) did not do that, but googled the address. Dozens of company names came up for that address in that sleazy abandoned-looking strip mall. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Three kisses for the tireless Zombie!

Clay said...

You've gotta respond to this one:

Aaron Bennett is just daring you.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever cross-checked the list of clients of the Cherhardy Sherman law firm with assessments of Jefferson Parish properties owned by the those clients? It would seem that this might be fertile ground to explore. Hypothetically, a potential client comes into a hypothetical assessor's office who also happens to be a partner in a large law firm in the parish in which the property is located. So the potential exists for a quid pro quo, to wit: The property owner hires the law firm for legal work, and receives a break on assessment on the property. I'm not saying that this actually happened, I'm just sayin'.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah Clay I saw it right after the game. Unbelievable...this guy makes Meffert look good.

Anonymous said...

Another property severely under assessed is a huge warehouse property on the westbank that houses the westbank's voting machines. As per a Slabbed post the building and land is or was partially owned by ex-JP employee and politico, Peter Russo. The eastbank warehouse which stores voting machines is also owned by a former JP employee on Ford St.

Anonymous said...

At a recent Council meeting no private citizen objected to any private residential assessment. And I believe Capella said something to the effect that is because of the fair and wonderful job the Assessor's Office was doing. Now the Feds need to look into all the commercial properties which if not on the assessor's books are then grossly undervalued for political purposes and the possible reason for Chehardy retiring early.