Saturday, October 01, 2011

(cough...cough)...uhhmmm...excuse me...

Benetech deemed ineligible for federal set-aside program

The federal government has booted controversial contractor Benetech from a set-aside program aimed at steering contracts to disabled veterans after The Times-Picayune published stories showing that Aaron Bennett, rather than his father, a Vietnam veteran, actually ran the firm.

Last year, The Times-Picayune reported that although William Bennett holds Benetech's contractor's license, he has no control over the company's daily operations.

Yeah?  Well...there is this from two years ago:

American Zombie: "We" deserve a piece of the action

Just sayin'....


Anonymous said...

Why are there only 8 comments on the story?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Because it's not about football and doesn't provide an easy opportunity to make racist remarks?

Anonymous said...

and the best comment award on your on blog goes to.......envelope please....... american zombie.

cue music.

no shit brah. comments is a fugging joke.

much like state and city govt. they gave us some feel good stroke saying yah this needs to be fixed , we on it.

now go watch a parade. game. crawfishboil......etc.....

like the old crooked cop allways says, nothing to see here people , move along.

whitmergate said...

It's all about the money ... that a father, whose status as a war veteran, would collude with, and enable his spoiled ass brat son to game the system is very sad indeed.

Shame on both of them.

Anonymous said...

The thread from two years ago reminded me of:
dubious election victories and deleted e-mails.

Other things you've got me thinking about again:
Infinity Surety, the airport, the crime cameras, the roof of One Shell.