Thursday, October 06, 2011

Diggin' up bones

A Bone to Picke

Anonymous said...

November 1 2006 "Home Solutions of America Acquires Associated Contractors; Acquisition to Allow Company to Participate in $270M Rebuilding Project for Stennis Space Center"

Contact people: Jeff Mattich (HSOA) and Matt Kreps, Halliburton Investor Relations.

Interesting huh?

Read that whole thread...including this comment:

 Anonymous said... all of those HSOA subs have been sold or are defunct. i dont think there is anything of note left to the old picke/hsoa now that fradella is gone. a contractors license search shows the picke license is now registered to an address in kenner. the key here is what did hsoa give to nagin for these contracts? we know at least a trip was given but i think there were other things that were undisclosed. why would nagin meet so frequently with fradella? does nagin go the boh brothers, Gootee etal for regular meetings? why were the hsoa meetings redacted? other tidbit just for fun. when HSOA was putting out their story to wall street they hosted an investors day in new orleans. the keynote speaker was virginia boulet. AUGUST 28, 2009 9:16:00 AM CDT

Don't give two shits about Boulet but note that Picke's contractor's license was transferred to an address in Kenner.  A "Pump and Dump" doesn't just mean you're dumping the stock, it means you're transferring the entire "wealth" of the company?

Remember that Fradella originally had the French Market renovation contract and it then ended up in Bennett's hands...I could be mistaken on that but I'm pretty sure that's how it transpired.  And I'm still not sure what went on with the Airport contract or the lawsuit the city filed against HSOA.  A lawsuit which I believe may have been in the hands of a certain city attorney.

Also check out this post, particularly this comment:

Ndiyo. Kuna mengi zaidi hapa kuliko hukutana jicho.

... Makini makini.

Anonymous said...

I heard that according to the Department of Insurance, neither Infinity Surety nor Infinity Surety of Louisiana Inc. were ever licenced insurance companies in LA.

They never were authorized to make bid bonds or to write surety insurance.

The case you are pointing out appears to be some sort of personal injury suit. I don't understand that. Is this that Houston bred moron again?

Is THIS the personal injury work his Texas law firm (with the New Orleans City Hall telephone number) does?

Is he, as a City Attorney, allowed to do the side work he did for Aaron Bennett's Benetech if Bennett is part owner of a company (Picke) that gets no bid city contracts? Is that allowed?

And that same company uses moron's wife as an agent or attorney, even in business dealing with the city?

I can't decide if these people are insane baffoons or criminal masterminds.

Who has the contracts at the airport, and how about that story in the paper about Federal City over in Algiers?

I know a lot of amazing men who are Marines or former Marines, and I'd like to be for the investment over there, but that map of Sparky's is unforgetable.

Yeah...hell...just read that whole comment thread.

Let's talk in a new comment thread...and we'll all look at Sparky's map.

werd bitches :)



Anonymous said...

Hey Dambala, what's the Kenner address?

Anonymous said...

the original holder of the french market renovation contract was associated contractors. associated was owned by aaron bennett, scott sewell and another guy, i think last name edwards.

Jason Brad Berry said...

But wasn't Associated Contractors originally affiliated with HSOA?

Jason Brad Berry said...

See the latest post...

Anonymous said...

Associated was affiliated with HSOA.

Someone should ask Eric Torres what happened at those meetings about the French Market he attended as part of his job as a Nagin staffer.

Eric D. Torres said...

I never attended any French Market meetings. They, along with several other Public Benefit Corporations, have their own dedicated staff.

Eric D. Torres