Thursday, October 13, 2011

Forget tar patties...

....try tar logs.

When I shot the previously posted interview with Bay St. Louis resident, John Gooding, he showed me numerous "tar logs" they had found on Ship Island, Mississippi immediately following Tropical Storm Lee.  Check this out:

These things were turned over to the Coast Gaurd and the Mississippi DEQ....they came back and claimed it was not oil from BP.  John was told by the Coast Guard that these things were "machine grease mixed with aluminum shavings".  Right.  Apparently there are some octopi doing some heavy industrial work at the bottom of the Gulf.

Just so you understand how many of these things washed onto the shore...please watch this video of the day the tar logs were collected:

I have sent one of the tar logs off to a lab for independent analysis, as soon as I get the results back I will let you know what they are.

Folks, please wake up.  We still have a very serious problem in the Gulf and if we don't raise hell now we are going to pay a heavy toll for decades to come.

Please attend the press conference for the documentary film, The Big Fix, tomorrow, 2 pm, at the Contemporary Arts Center.  Now is the time to make your voice heard and this film may be the best...and last...chance we have to tell the rest of the country we are still battling the BP spill.  I think the premiere is already sold out but the press conference is just as important....see you there.

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