Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A simple poll

Just out of curiousity....which, um, commercial....do you consider to be the most absurd?

This one...

Or...this one?

Which commercial is more full of shit?
 Norwegian Black Gold Hunters
 Lying British fuckwad
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Clay said...

Um. I actually LIKE the Statoil video. Is that wrong?

Jason Brad Berry said...

yes...that is very wrong,

djpoptart said...

Is that Adam Ant leading the Statoil rally? Bless his heart.

This "1961- NBC SPECIAL NEWS REPORT" poses a scenario appropriately creepy for Halloween weekend: http://youtu.be/6ei6hh78aXg

I recently saw a commercial attached to an evening news show -- it may have been the PBS NewsHour -- featuring oil executive meeting college graduates at the gates of academe to lead them into glorious careers in the new frontiers of the exploration and production industries. It was so jarring after the actual content of that half-hour of corporate news reporting that I missed the brand ID. Anyone?