Thursday, October 06, 2011

Xanax and Highballs

Let's ponder who used that wicked combination to go to sleep last night:

1.  Stephen Braud

2.  Billy Nungesser

3.  Bob Ellis

4.  Frank Fradella

5.  Ray Nagin

Bennett's indictment should come as no surprise but the possibilites of him cooperating with the Fed are elephantine.  I've said all along I believe the Bennett/Fradella enterprise held more deep, dark secrets than the Meffert/St. Pierre enterprise ever did....especially in respect to our former mayor.

I'm not saying all five of those men (- Fradella who is already indicted on SEC charges) will face the gallows.  I'm just saying that if Bennett has gone canary, the aforementioned men should be extremely worried.  Even Fradella...who has already been indicted...should be worried.

The glacial pace of the DOJ should now make perfect sense.

They will carry the candles on their back

Remember, right around the time of the St. Pierre trial it was rumored that the Fed was attempting to negotiate with Fradella, hoping he would cooperate....

...he refused.

Shortly after that, The Fed announced they were introducing a shitpile of new evidence into Fradella's case.  Evidence which undoubtedly means the original SEC charges are going to simply be the appetizer to the impending main course.

Unless....Frank cooperates.

He didn't.

Now Bennett has flipped.

Not good for Frank.

Definitely not good for Braud, Ellis and Nagin.  I'm sure there are other names I'm not considering but I think these are the top five, fo' true.

I may throw in Billy Shultz as an aperitif but I'll hedge that gratuity for a moment.

There is one other name in this equation but I'm purposely leaving that person out.  Having some exclusive insight into this story, I am sympathetic to that person and I hope the best for her/him.  

Oh....I missed it by two weeks.  I need to hedge my predictions better.


Anonymous said...

what about daya naef?.

Anonymous said...

Do blond white women have to take responsibility for their behavior in the South yet? Is that a fair question?