Friday, January 13, 2012

In the prolific words of Fatboy Slim..not...Black Sheep...

You can go with this:

Dauphin Island fish show up with lesions, BP spill link questioned

Or you can go with that:

How Microbes Teamed to Clean Gulf

Dr. Valentine and colleagues have now used a computer model to explain just how that scenario might have played out, though some scientists remain skeptical.
Magic microbes story, redux.  This story keeps coming back almost as much as the oil itself.  Awesome.

"Our scientific study didn't actually go down to the Gulf and see if there is oil still washing ashore on a daily basis, as Gulf Coast residents are continually reporting...but...BUT.... this computer model we created really kicks ass!"

Keep up the good work!

Don't worry guys...just keep dancing.


Grammatologist said...

That would be the words of the BLACK SHEEP!

Jeez. Slim's just a cover DJ.

Jason Brad Berry said...

My apologies.