Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bubba and Billy Bob were just goofin' round...

...with guns and badges.

Taking aim at Lee Zurik's photograph

"There was never any ill-will or threat intended by it."  St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stephens.

There was never any ill will?  Does he understand what that fucking means?  There was never a threat?  If I put up a picture of Jack Stephens with a bullet through his forehead on this blog I am more than positive that I would get a visit from the FBI in short order.

Yet, it's alright for Stephens' backwards-ass deputies to take it even further by putting actual bullets through Zurik's picture at a public venue?

If these guys are allowed to keep their jobs it's a fucking disgrace to the citizens of St. Bernard.

But on the positive side I just landed a whole new Sneaky Snake category for part II.

Stay classy St. Bernard deputies, there will be a special place in the snake pit for you as soon as I find out exactly what your names are.

NOTE:  I would never put up a picture of anyone with a bullet through their head.  That was a hypothetical analogy for anyone who can't grasp such cerebral constructs.  I suspect Billy Bob and Bubba are in that category.  


Anonymous said...

Leave it to St. Bernard to confirm that the more things change, the more they stay the same...


Anonymous said...

I think the FBI & US Attorneys office out of Washington, DC need to launch an investigation into this ASAP. This was meant to be a threat, period end of story.

Anonymous said...

Rumor on the street is that Lee Zurik is doing another major St. Bernard investigation involving the Mereaux Foundation, Jack Stephens, and others which has resulted in a new federal investigation. Someone wants Lee Zurik dead in St. Bernard plain & simple.

Anonymous said...

Damn. That is fucked up. And the non-apology by the boss cop was a real piece of work.

You can't say "there was no ill intent" if someone printed out a picture of a man they didn't like and shot at it.

You can't say that "no threat was intended" if police officers were engaging in a fantasy of shooting an actual person they did not like in the head!

The line that got me for real was when the man said no one wanted to "increase the state of anxiety he may already live in because of what he does."

Why should a journalist live in a constant "state of anxiety" because of "what he does"?

Would a shopkeeper or a teacher live in a "state of anxiety" because of "what he does"?

That cop was suggesting that Zurik's work is the kind of work that should make him fear for his safety all the time; his words reveal that he thinks that such a "state of anxiety" is a reasonable and expected side effect of being a reporter.

Gangsters, crooks, prostitutes, and those with guilt on their consciences might live in a constant "state of anxiety", but why should a reporter be imagined this way?

It suggests that Zurik should feel nervous or guilty about the work he does, and coming from law enforcement, that is not a good thing.

It felt like an extension of the threat, not an apology for it.

"We did not threaten you; we did nothing to make you think we wish you harm; we don't want you to feel worse about your working life than you already do." is a rewrite of what that "apology" actually said.

If Zurik uncovers crime and wrongdoing, should that not make him an ally of the cops?

If the cops do their job, which involves keeping the bad guys in check, then shouldn't a reporter feel as safe as a university professor or a dog walker?

Creepy response to a creepy revelation.

whitmergate said...

This is very serious, and Lee should be commended for his perseverance and courage in continuing the course in spite of these troglodytes ... Karma is going to take care of their asses soon enough...

As you, Jason, well know, and your commenters are probably aware ... a lot has happened behind the scenes comparable to Zurik's present scenario ... and such risks affects all who have dared to tell the truth ...

This is truly a struggle between the forces of good and evil. And it is time for good people on all levels of our society, be they politicians, business leaders, community organizations, and the citizenry as a whole to draw a line in the sand and shout ...

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS CRAP ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

They may never face a real courtroom but I'm gonna do my best to make them face the court of public opinion.