Monday, February 13, 2012

Canada is attacking

Folks, Slabbed has been taken offline by Blue Host due to a Canadian Court Order filed by the owners of Trout Point Lodge.  In case you're not familiar with the situation, the Trout Point Lodge owners have filed a lawsuit against Slabbed in order to shut the blog down and shut SOP and the commenters up.

It's bullshit.  Please take the time to go to Blue Host's chat page and voice your disapproval on allowing a Canadian court to quash the 1st amendment of the United States.  

In the interim, if there are any emergency posts that need to be made from Slabbers, please feel free to submit here and I'll post by proxy until Doug can get the sails back up.

Sinn Fein.

UPDATE:  Just call Blue Host, (888) 401-4678, and ask for their terms of service department...then complain....nicely.


Lightning K said...

You are intrepid defender of the First Amendment and a true citizen. The Slabbed community thanks you.

Anonymous said...

that link was lame. i just cursed out some poor bastard via i.m.

i love slabbed. hook me up with a better way to save it.

your pal . rick brah.

whitmergate said...

You are true ... to yourself and your cause ... and thanks for your gracious invitation to the exiles of the SlabbedNation.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Thanks Dambala.
We take care of our own
Perhaps once Mardi Gras passes we'll see more than a flaccid response from the New Orleans blogger community over this outrage.

Funny, your word verification thingy today is: "nolid"

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

SOP is hanging out over here:

Anonymous said...

@anonymous. try this link

Subject: Blue Host Chat room

Anonymous said...

Dambala: Thanks for your word of support of UNITED WE STAND against the tyranny of the evil doers who want to protect their fiefdoms. This injustice needs to be illuminated nationally thru the news media which don't back down (Fox News, etc.) If the evil doers want to stay in the dark the national sunlight ought to turn them into dust which can then be vacuumed up by a DIRT DEVIL.

Anonymous said...

WHITMERGATE: This is not Paris and the underground, but will be proven to be Lil' Napoleon's fu*king Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

Oh CRAP, where am I going to send my sons if and when Obama declares a draft? Maybe Venezuela, Cuba or how about N.Korea....

Anonymous said...

That sucks. That pair should be ashamed of themselves.

They are Americans who have a problem with other Americans.

Why would they use the legal system of another country to handle it?

Does anyone know on what grounds the Canadian court decided that they had jurisdiction?

Is there any sense to it, even according to the logic of a different system, or did the Trout Pointers just have the same kind of crony connections in Nova Scotia that they had in Jefferson Parish?

Has some small town Nova Scotia court created an international incident by scratching the backs of the guys who have all the fancy cheese?

If the Trout Pointers were Canadian and Slabbed a Canadian blog, the courts could find defamation-- chew gum in Singapore and no matter where you are from you might get in trouble, foreign women don't drive in Saudi, etc.

But isn't it weird to be finding that an American blog located in the USA can't comment on the behavior of other Americans who are part of an American political scene?

Why would the Trout Pointers stoop low enough to use those courts?

Why would a Canadian judge decide he had the jurisdiction to resolve this? It doesn't involve Canadians. The blog is in the USA.

Civitch said...

KG and I just had fun times live chatting with the bluehost peeps. they won't tell you anything if you're not the owner of the domain, but that doesn't mean you can't take them to task for allowing a foreign government to, in essence, overrule the US constitution.