Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mucho Gracias... Mr. Dubos.  Of all the MSM resources in the city (I know he objects to the meme, MSM), he has consistently recognized and credited the impact and contribution of New Orleans bloggers in the post-K environment. Thank you, sir.

Arrogance and Insouciance 


Oh...and on the matter of e-maelstrom (Nagin's email deletion)....since Clancy referred to it as well, I should expound.  How do I put this?  Hmmm...theoretically...if Dark Yoda gets pinched and I'm quite sure he is already pinched...and he goes canary and I think he will.....I think Nagin's goose is cooked on e-maelstrom.  I will explain a lot more in the upcoming sneaky snake countdown.  Until's Mardi Gras, bitches!!!


M Styborski said...

Props to the Zombie!

Clancy says the Feds take their time investigating, but it's my understanding that most of that time comes before any announcements are made. I wouldn't be surprised to see charges before the end of the year, especially considering how Ray-Ray's chess pieces are now suddenly on the opposing side of the board.

Anonymous said...

Charges will be filed the last week of April against Nagin. You can book it.