Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen....

...please put your seats in an upright position and fasten your seat belts as we begin the second leg of our journey from Baton Rouge to parts unknown:

Affivdavit accuses mayor


Anonymous said...

Off topic-- On Wings of Care is reporting a large oil sheen with the same kind of "finger print" as the Macondo well hell on water in the same region?


Al Jazeera English has a story. The theories are: problems with the cap, seepage from the sea bed nearby, or "just the natural seepage that always happens"... is this news or do we ignore it?

You are so all over this ongoing new normal permanent state of emergency, I thought I'd ask.

When I first saw this post about shoplifting grown ups-- isn't shoplifting a teenage girl's kind of crime? Eyeliner and shit?-- I was thinking, "Sheesh! What the fuck is up with all these people being so crazy all the time?


That old line, "Is there something in the water?" came into my head, but it did so in the "everyone channels their grandpa" kind of way...

... and then someone tweeted me about the Al Jazeera/ On Wings of Care oil thing, and "Is there something in the water?" took on new resonance and seemed like a tasteless joke.

I asked this oil engineer I know what might be up, and he said "Al Jazeera? Why would you listen to anything those Muslims say?" so I dropped it.

Sure, they are propagandistic, but so are CNN, Fox, and the BBC. If you'll get news from anywhere and adjust for bias, maybe something real gets through the filters, right?

Oil/no oil... eat the fish/ don't eat the fish... prepare for birth defects and illness/ chill out, everything is cool... who the fuck knows?

You usually do, so I thought I'd ask.

Anonymous said...

The six most interesting words in the affidavit?

1-3: "trip to Chicago"
4-6: "private camera company"

The most thought provoking question?

Which "private camera company"?

Words 1-6 are all in section 14:

The answer to the provoking question is ....