Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Where the donations are going

OK zombie readers, I have news for you.  I have been working on a top secret project for a while but I want to bring it out of the mausoleum and fill you in.

Within a month (hopefully), I am teaming up with Humid Beings to launch a monthly (maybe more) webcast of the body politic...the dirty body...in the Nawlins' metro area.  The show is tentatively titled, "The Dirty Zombie", working on the format and the host(s) now.

I've been working on getting the production standards up to snuff.  However, don't get your expectations too high, we're working on a no-budget agenda while trying to make it as good as possible.

Along those lines if you are a business and would like a sponsorship/advertising opportunity or if you would like to donate to help us get it off the ground, please feel free to contact me directly or donate on the right side of the blog.  Judging by my stats I can estimate between 5 and 10k viewers over a month long period.  Not porn site numbers but consider that it is a highly targeted, hyper-local viewership.

Everything helps...10 bucks, 1 buck, 100k bucks....I'll take it and try to make internet magic.

For those of you who have donated...You rock...you have helped make this happen and my deepest gratitude to all of you.  We will push harder and louder and hopefully make more of a difference.


Oh by the way...if you need a live webcast...any level...that's what I do.  Let me know.

Oh also...help me with a tag line.  Right now I'm working with:

The Dirty Zombie: digging up the buried bodies and bringing them back to life.

Any suggestions are welcome.   


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Proud of ya, man. Go get'em!

Anonymous said...

The Dirty Zombie... reanimating the corpse of the body politic

The Dirty Zombie... bring out your dead

When corruption has made your city smell like goats, you need... The Dirty Zombie

Nzumbe, no shit. The Dirty Zombie.

I am so BAD at this!

Zombies are "creatures that cannot rest in piece", right?

I wondered if there was something anyone could do with the idea of stories or memories that are "undead", undead memory.

(A Biblical image is that the "very stones will sing out" to accuse those who hurt or took advantage of the poor, abandoned women and children, the weak, enslaved, or oppressed. I like that idea, but I wonder what is taking those stones so long to start fucking singing already.)

A "coupe de poudre" creates a zombie, and that rhymes with "coupe de foudre", which literally means something about being hit by lightning or thunderstruck. Idiomatically it means "fall in love", which makes no sense as part of a tag line for you, so that is useless. And lightning would be Shango, not Damballah, wouldn't it?

There is a lot of charge in the idea of the zombie as a metaphor for a slave; uprisings of zombies have a special, complicated place in our troubled culture... but someone smarter and wittier than I am will come up with something better than my offerings.

It's a fun game, though.

It would be more fun if I didn't suck at it, but hey. So far no one else has ideas up. Pour encouragez les autres, why not make an ass of yourself?

Jason Brad Berry said...

How bout: Dirty Zombie: just keep digging

Anonymous said...

I dig it.

The Dirty Zombie... because "We the People" have braaaaains.

Anonymous said...

I dig it.

The Dirty Zombie... because "We the People" have braaaaains.

jeffrey said...

Re-animating the body politic

Anonymous said...

Goofer dust from the political graveyard?

Jason Brad Berry said...

- And lightning would be Shango, not Damballah, wouldn't it?

Yes indeed...Chango is lightning and fire. Short temper, bad ass.

Dambala is the overseer. The rainbow serpent. In the pantheon he is on the opposite side of the spectrum from Legba. Where legba is the gatekeeper/trickster of chaos, Dambala absorbs it.

Anonymous said...

When do we see part two of the sneaky snakes countdown? Or do you have to stop writing about everyone the Feds are formally investigating?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? They count on it.

oyster said...

Very much looking forward to the show! I want "edgy", and doubt I'll be disappointed.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- The Dirty Zombie: let the unclean fear the undead.

hmmm.....me likes that as working model.

Oyster...don't worry edge you shall have. I have no idea if it's going to work but we'll give a roll for shits and gigglez.