Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fools on Parade

So many wonderful displays of idoicy at the hearings to repeal the LSEA but here are my favorites:

Sen Julie "Chinese drywall will be the death of me" Quinn making light of "people with little letters behind their names":

Sen. KCP bitch slaps her and Julie gets her panties in wad.  I love it.

Sen. Mike Walsworth asks why there aren't experiments where e.coli evolves into a human being:

He then goes on to quote "something" he found on the internet that he can't quite pronounce or understand but it supports his point so he attempts to quote it:

Then of course there's Zack...who just kicks ass:


Anonymous said...

"I'm an attorney and I expect an answer." seriously, I wanted to throw up when I heard that. That is the kind of intimidation that give lawyers a bad name. Good job Jules!

also, her reaction when that kid called the Bible a piece of literature was priceless. It's almost like she thought the ground was going to open up and send everyone to hell. Truly a farce of a legislature.

Sock Puppet said...

She is rumored to be the next judge in the 24th JDC. Very nice judicial temperament, almost as measured as Mike Deledenier.

Jason Brad Berry said...

That would be pretty funny if she was appointed then indicted.

Sam Jasper said...

Bravo Zack!

I'm telling ya, Zombie, read Idiot America. He talks about the "supplemental materials"---some nonsense book with Pandas in the title. Too absurd. Here at the house since reading that book we've taken to hollering "Dinosaurs with Saddles" everytime we here this kind of stupidity. Gimme a buzz. I'll buy ya a beer and lend ya our copy. You'll finish it in a day and be laughing out loud as you cuss.

M Styborski said...

Of all the elected representatives in Louisiana, do none of them keep up with the issues they vote on? All they had to do was google "Kitzmiller v Dover Area School District". Frontline did an excellent doc on the whole thing as well.

The basics:
1: Small PA town school board forces creationism into science class.
2: Crate of 'Of Pandas And People' anonymously donated to schools.
3: Shit hits Federal fan.
4: During bench trial, despite objections to the contrary, OPP (I still get a kick out of that!) is found to be a near word-for-word evolutionary descendant of previous religion-based creationist textbooks due to the typo "cdesign proponentsists".
5: Red-blooded, red-state, gawd-a-mighty-fearin', republican Federal Judge John E Jones III rules that OPP and "intelligent design" violate the Establishment Clause and as such ARE NOT FUCKING SCIENCE.

My explanation that no-one remembers this is pretty simple though. The trial took place at a time when nobody could have POSSIBLY noticed it… Sept 26 - Nov 4, 2005. We and the rest of the television-connected world were watching Lost…

M Styborski said...

Oh, yeah… for more fun: google "wedge document" and read the creationist propaganda strategy. Horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Chinese drywall wasn't the death of Julie Quinn's ignorance.