Sunday, April 08, 2012

When in nothing.

...just don't move...sit and watch.

Maybe the best political strategy in the book.

Unfortunately, so few listen.

Landrieu Backs Scandal-Plagued Potential Sucessor in Council Race?

I guess we'll find out how that strategy works soon enough.

paz y amor, bro's.


Anonymous said...

This is a "just saying" moment. I worked for over 15 years in N.O. East,in particular ..closely with the Vietnamese community. This is a community that is very organized ,close and vocal about issues concerning their interests. There are many small and medium farms that would be directly affected by this landfill. There are also ducks bred in hand woven cages in residents back yards via canals. The Village De Lst area was not severely damaged by high standing water during Katrina. The residents were back and working almost immediately after the storm and definitely involved and vocal concerning landfill discussions and repercussions. From what I understood ...CWL had a strong working and positive relationship with this community pre-K. To her credit and no irons in the fire: just observation.

Jason Brad Berry said...

The majority of the reports I've heard are to the contrary, i.e., this one from the last Sneaky Snake countdown:

Anonymous said...
The Vietnamese community was sold out by its leaders as some of the most vocal members of the clergy & community leaders were paid handsomely by RiverBirch to help raise on the ground local distractors to help shut it down. CWL was the councilwoman at the time who was an ardent supporter of Old Gentilly until the money came flowing it from the RB peeps. Then she mysteriously did a 180 and became the most vocal proponent of shutting that "environmental" deathtrap down.

Fact of the matter is that Old Gentilly wasn't the poison pit the PR machine made it out to be. Many environmentalists were used & abused and are just now coming to grips with how they were manipulated to help River Birch. It is sad if it wasn't so true.

Great job on the Sneaky Snake countdown. Sneaky Snake 2010 led to a 100% indictment rating and 2012 should come close to that number especially if you throw in Julie Quinn to pad the stats.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The first time i read Machiavelli's "The Prince", I was in high school, and I was outraged.

I thought he was a sadistic son of a bitch. Cruel, an awful person.

Several years, some heartbreaks, and some real experiences later, I reread that book, and I thought he was the funniest, most honest writer ever.

He seemed deeply humane, and realistic about how power works. What had seemed like cruelty the first time felt like the wise, deep sense of humor of a mature mentor figure who was willing to tell stupid young kids how the world works, so we would not get killed when we got burned by life.

It took more time before I realized that people were willing to play the tough game, the street game, the game of Princes and capital "P" power, over cheesy small town orders of rank.

It was depressing to think of the whole world as a giant high school run by the insecure daughters of alcoholics. Hair dressers to the prom queen. You know the type.

Idolators in search of a scapegoat; for every idol there must be a scapegoat; the dark side of any utopia is as dark as the vision of perfection is bright.

How you treat people who don't count when no one is watching is what matters to me.

I'm a fool, in the wise eyes of the author whose name I can't spell.

I wish more fools, wiser ones than I am, would actually run for office, so that I could vote for them.

Jason Brad Berry said...

And I wish you would keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Checking in with some of my ole'N.O. Viet pals. The farms were not as active post k. Correct... There is a movement and event...just this weekend, to have the younger community begin to re-plant the gardens and begin again to have the Sat. Markets. This will be on the West Bank as well, not near RiverBirch. The feeling, regardless of " who got paid and for what" is a good thing that the landfill wad not there. There is not much land left around that area same as well with River Birch. I would not want that shitz on top of my duck farm...
On a lighter note, is not River Birch (that name) the ole stomping grounds of Carlos M.