Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did you hear that loud smacking sound?

It came from Baton Rouge.  It was a backhand from Sen. Karen Carter Peterson to the HoZone "Stakeholders".  Also, kudos to Senator JP Morrell and Rep. Helena Moreno for working with KCP to create the amendments to SB 573.

I just got back with video...will have more later on tonight on what the amendments mean and their importance.

Viva democracy!

Oh wait...perhaps I shouldn't celebrate too much.  


Anonymous said...

Good job. Kopplin didn't look happy so mitch must have been fuming.

Anonymous said...

What about the "leveraged buy-out" comment?

Will the Ho-Zone have the power to expropriate? Which entities, other than LSU, currently have that right under state law and are any of them stakeholders in the proposed zone?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'm not worried about that comment, now. There is no separate body now that could conduct that buyout....all power has been transferred back to City Council. I know that may scare you but it's the best shit we got going.