Friday, May 18, 2012

HoZone Highlights....with limited commentary

I tried to get the video together as quickly as possible for you, folks....but my daddy duties took precedence.

And please forgive the quality of the video and audio...the room was so crowded, we (media) got pushed into an impossible scenario to record it so the best thing I could do was record the flat screen in front of me and hope the audio was kosher (short period where it is not).

I managed to get two key moments from the committee hearing encoded and I want you to watch them if you have the time.

The first one is at the beginning of the meeting when Sen. Karen Carter Peterson questions New Orleans CAO, Andy Kopplin, and Sen. Ed Murray about their willingness to accept compromises that would make SB 573 more palatable for the citizens of New Orleans.

Ok, so you heard Kopplin's responses.  I distinguish Kopplin because I think Sen. Murray knew better than to speak for the mayor.  Sen. Peterson was very careful to focus her questioning on Kopplin at times because he is essentially "Mayor Landrieu by proxy".

Mitch needed a proxy because he couldn't be bothered to show up in the "storming of the castle".

I would point out that I think Sen. Murray spoke with the utmost jurisprudence and I commend him on his diplomacy.  It was obvious that Murray had deliberated over this bill for endless hours but he still maintained a sense of measure throughout the questioning.  He was very impressive.

Now for the second clip...I have edited together three separate moments where the issue of Public Records Requests (PRRs) and the CVB came into question.  I want you to watch all three of these moments and pay close attention:

In that last edit....someone from the peanut gallery (CVB lawyer?)  called out and insisted that the CVB does, in fact, comply with all Public Record Requests (PRR's).

Hold that thought......


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for doing this, Jason. It's really great to be able to see. (FYI the first video kept stopping on me with 3:33 left to go. As always with me, it definitely could've been user error.)

Anonymous said...

Kuddo's for your public service. I also would like to note that when Melvin Rodrigue, speaking for the Convention Center was asked how much reserve money they had he did not answer directly, but stated they had assets of $650M. The would include structure, land and moveable property. But, I think the point was made, they have money to move around and if the $30M is withheld, it will not be because it is needed elsewhere for current operations. Also, when Mr. Rodrigue was questioned on the level of salary that new jobs would create, he dodged the obvious again by stating that Galatorie's annual payroll is $4M for 98 employees. Once management is backed out of the $4M, how much does that leave for the real workers? 'Nuff said. I'm glad many of those minimum wage workers were there to hear all this. At least they were paid to be at the committee hearing and received a t-shirt to supplement their clothing budget!