Friday, June 29, 2012

12 or 12th?

This is pretty interesting:

Twelve Ward Save Our Community Organization, Inc.

I can't find this anywhere on the SOS database.

It's spelled Twelve instead of Twelfth and it is clearly a different entity than Twelfth Ward SOCO.  Twelve appears to be domiciled at Charles Webb's (accountant) office at 616 Baronne while Twelfth Ward SOCO is domiciled at 2020 Jackson.  Webb is the accountant for Twelfth Ward SOCO and the New Orleans Urban Tourism Hospitality Training and Economic Development Foundation.

All this could be benign but the purposeful misspelling has my spidey sense tingling.


Anonymous said...

It's listed as "twelth" with SOS -

12th, Twelfth, "Twelth," Twelve ...

More interesting to me is this:

But by 2009/2010 (see audits here:$FILE/00015EE3.pdf +$FILE/0001CBF9.pdf) the organization had morphed into a senior center, and the earmark Landrieu requested looks awfully out of place.

Jason Brad Berry said...

No..that's the point. Twelve is an entirely different entity than twelfth. They are domiciled under different names and locations.

Anonymous said...

Right. But it's (incorrectly) spelled "twelth" and not "twelfth" or "twelve" (or for that matter, "12th") with SOS. I digress.

Anonymous said...

Jason you are so right, these bros' may talk like their stupid but they know exactly how to spell, especially when it comes to spelling " I be stealin' my minority ass off" from grants, grants and more grants.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon who posted the Landrie!