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Anon has outdone him/herself.  I drove by the 2020 Jackson location yesterday on my scooter.  It seems to be partially empty but there also seem to be more than few non-profits housed there.

Also, 2708 General Pershing seems to be abandoned as well.  And something weird about 2020 Jackson...there is a duplex across the street from the huge building which is listed as 2020/2022 Jackson but it's on the odd number side of the street.  That could be nothing but it's interesting.

What I am really curious about is the medical supply angle of 12th Ward SOCO.  I am curious if the organization accepts medicare/medicaid payments.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Voldemort 2.0": 

Anon 1 here again … 

Starting to dig a little deeper and blow this open a bit. I wish I had made a flow chart that showed the searches/steps I’ve taken to get this far, but I’ll do my best to recap. Have looked at many an old audit. There’s such a tangled web of addresses to follow, but there’s one person that seems to be tying it all together: 

Ms. Sharon DeLong

To do a bit of a recap:

Two orgs (currently) attached to Sharon DeLong:
12th Ward SOCO (
New Orleans Urban Tourism Training etc. (

Milan Reading and Math Program is often listed as a secondary name for 12th Ward SOCO. Martin Luther King Homemaker Services has also been attached to DeLong’s name as a separate organization (just run a Google search on both orgs for some old listings/docs). 

Both Milan/MLK Homemaker Services are listed as “programs” in most of the audits (ex:$FILE/00000C24.pdf) back in the day. Check out the budget – ie salaries – ps.

Addresses used – 3435 Magnolia St, 2020 Jackson Avenue 2nd floor, 2101 Phillip St., 2708 General Pershing St. Who knows which one is real and which is a front?

Some new tidbits:

Of particular interest this go around: the 2708 General Pershing St (pulled from here:

What’s also at that address? (At this point, I’m taking the $2mil number with a grain of salt, but if that’s accurate … oh boy ...)

“Martin Luther King Training” … Exec Director: Sharon DeLong … Incorporates the best things DeLong does best! “Training” and sticking “Martin Luther King” in front of an org. name. It’s worth nothing that MLK Training has Sharon listed as “De Long” and not “DeLong” and, no, that doesn’t appear to be a typo, but I think rather a purposeful alias.

MLK Training is also at this address:

And this one:

And this one: (which leads you to Ms. DeLong’s home address:

Of course … Bajoie sat on the Finance Committee that funded “Martin Luther King Training” AND “Martin Luther King Homemaker” in 2006 + 2007 for $160,000 and $210,000, respectively? ( +

Sharon DeLong. Master of Tourism, Computer Training, Homemaker Services, and Vendor of Medical Supplies! 


Anonymous said...

An NGO funding request for 60k for the period from July 1, 2011 thru June 30, 2012.

Anonymous said...

Another Laners worked for SOCO preparing grants

Anonymous said...

We would like to sponser (sic) a few large field trips to the Mississippi Casinos...

really? you are going to take poor elderly on a state funded trip to an out of state casino? wtf?....just a hint, if these poor people could forgo eating for a few days to save up i am sure harrah's will send a van at no charge.

Anonymous said...

Anon from the comment bump (appreciate it!)

City Business still on the story:

I think the eventual corruption will look something like this:

Bajoie $$$ --> Council on Aging --> 12th Ward SOCO/Tourism con-profit

First of all, there are two senior centers listed at this 2101 Philip St. address:

There are two separate senior centers on two floors of the same building? Seems a bit redundant ...

Look at page 5 of this annual report:

So a "Senior Center" like 12th Ward SOCO is considered a subcontracted service. Seems to me Council on Aging takes in the funding, then gives to bogus programs which make bogus "grant requests" ...

Possibly unrelated fun fact #1: Look who are friends:

"Among those in attendance were Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman, New Orleans Council on Aging Director Howard Rodgers III and Former State Senator and Board Member Diana Bajoie."

Possibly unrelated fun fact #2: DeLong, Sheila Samuels (secretary of 12th Ward SOCO) and Bajoie all graduated from Walter L Cohen high school ... Samuels/DeLong graduating same year in 1970 (not sure about Bajoie)

Possibly unrelated fun fact #3: Just because it's fun to look at who is Facebook friends with who: