Thursday, June 28, 2012

Comment Bump: June 28, 2012

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Voldemort 2.0": 

The mystery as to why Diane "the Banjo" and her friends managing the non-profit NWUTHT&EDF failed to qualify and receive the $306,000 in grants allocated directly to them by the La.legis from 2007-2010 is simple.

My theory is they, as well as others, were scared shitless because of the investigation, prosecution and media heat brought in response to the Dollar Bill Jefferson scandal.

Incompetence among such Masters of Federal Grants is not supportable based on past competent abilities to secure such grants and pretty believable. But laying low while the heat surrounding Dollar Bill cooled is plausible.

As the heat in the kitchen cooled they have now slowing begun again cooking up their non-profit menu and ingesting more grants recently, that is until you and City Business have exposed the BS toxic ingredients in their meals. 

And that may be the best explanation I've heard.  It makes a lot of sense.

Also....I heard Mayor Landrieu felt the need to defend Bajoie's integrity in City Council chambers today.  What a shame.


Anonymous said...

Defend her integrity? You should watch the video on the city council's website. It was much more than that.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I just watched it. A person of "unquestioned integrity"? What? That's bullshit...her integrity is being questioned. He may not be questioning it but everyone else is.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans City Business' Ben Myers interviewed on Fox 8 New's Rob Mason on the Diana Bajoie. Now we wait for WDSU & WWL TV to cover this growing story.

Anonymous said...

Landrieu need to think about defending his own integrity at this point, because he is seriously looking like shit. I live in District, and I'm feeling very swindled by all this, so thank you for your efforts. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

OMG and WTF.... I am putting my comment here because I don't know where else to put it (move it to more appropriate position should you feel so inclined). You just got my juices going on this Conprofit, Inc. industry we got going here. So, now I am pay attention when I hear conprofit versus drawing a blank stare... Two days ago, I went berserk when non-elected deputy mayor Kopplin tells of a budget shortfall when the city has paid lip service to cleaning up its own house. Now on top of this: THE LENS is currently reporting that a conprofit is requesting demo of a house that the freakin city spent 35k of taxpayer dollars to save and move!!! Why does this stuff keep happening????? How demoralizing.... Where is the reform (I ask while only hearing my echo)?