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Stay on them!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blame it on Jindal's budget cuts...nice":
ok listen up zombies (Army of Z?) - here are all the email addies you should direct your requests to. currently they are saying it's too hard a feature, or that it puts companies at risk for "identity theft", but those points are easy to negate. below is a good template if youd like to use it.


Dear Secretary of Stte,

I'd like to request you improve the online corporate database search, adding the ability to search for corporate entities by address.

Being able to search by address is an essential task for news & citizen investigation into fraudulent non-profits and other "paper tigers". The public has been 100% responsible for unmasking several criminal dealings of this nature in the New Orleans metro. Please see recent news regarding Greg Meffert, Ray Nagin, and Frank Fradella -- these stories were broken by journalists & citizens, reviewing our public records with a keen eye.

The data returned by the corporate database searches are already public. In no way would the SOS expose additional data or risk by including more useful search criteria on the same returned data -- it's simply an easier way to find already public records.

Please have your staff add this entry-level search feature. 



batcave911 said...

That kind of change is (usually) done by software, so , to change it, they would have to be in touch (and pay for) those changes, something i doubt they will do,
(without a LOT of pressure)
but good luck.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what being in touch with their software means, but I think I disagree. programming web frontends for databases is what I do for a living; the SOS search tool is most certainly an in-house tool and staff programmers like me exist at every org with in-house tools. a SQL query to filter relational data is a pretty basic, run of the mill coding task. modifying the query with additional filter parameters is trivial.

don't believe that it's voodoo. it isn't.

Anonymous said...

but rather than wish us luck, why not help and relay your desire for the same?